Ever wondered what the houses in astrology meant?

In astrology the houses represent fields of experience. 


Depending on what method you are studying, the houses can be divided into three or four sub-groups. 

When the houses are divided into three groups: 

1. The Angular Houses (1, 4, 7, & 10)

The angular houses represent one's achievement and social standing in the world. 

2. The Succedent Houses (2, 5, 8, & 11) 

The succedent houses represent one's stability and willpower in the world. 

3. The Cadent Houses (3, 6, 9, & 12)

The cadent houses represent one's mental and physical communication with the world. 

When the houses are divided into four groups: 

1. The Houses of Life (1, 5, & 9)

The houses of life represent one's energy towards life, learning, and creativity. 

2. The Houses of Wealth (2, 6, & 10) 

The houses of wealth represent one's personal property, work, and career. 

3. The Houses of Relationships (3, 7, & 11)

The houses of relationships represent one's relatives, partnerships, and friends. 

4. The Houses of Endings (4, 8, & 12)

The houses of endings represents one's retirement, death, and spirituality. 

The First House

The first house is the house of self. It symbolizes one's personality, behaviors, likes and dislikes, physical characteristics, and interests. The first house is the most powerful and significant house in the chart. It highlights the theme and direction. Look to this house for self-confidence and questions surrounding your overall direction in life.

Natural Ruler of the First House: Aries 

The Second House

The second house is the house of money and personal possessions. It symbolizes one's financial life and material assests. The second house is beneficial when assessing one's spending habits and material interests. Look to this house for financial needs.

Natural Ruler of the Second House: Taurus

The Third House

The third house is the house of communication. It symbolizes one's self-expression, mental abilities, and intellectual life. The third house governs the way we communicate through writing, speaking, and thinking. It often represents one's experience in early education. Look to this house for guidance in learning behaviors, local travel, and communication.

 Natural Ruler of the Third House: Gemini

The Fourth House

The fourth house is the house of home. It symbolizes our past, present, and future home environments. The fourth house often represents our childhood, relationship to our mother or maternal figure, genetic codes, and domestic affairs. It also governs old age and mysticism. Look to this house when doing inner child or familial work.

Natural Ruler of the Fourth House: Cancer 

The Fifth House

The fifth house is the house of creativity and love. It symbolizes pleasure and creative self-expression. The fifth house often represnts one's natural talents and creative gifts. It can also be associated with children, entertainment, holidays, amusements, and joy. The fifth house governs the ego, love affairs, hobbies, and artistic talents. Look to this house when seeking parenting advice, creative expression, love, or joy. 

Side note: When any planet is in the fifth house parents should utilize this time for vacation and amusement with children. 

Natural Ruler of the Fifth House: Leo

The Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of service and health. It symbolizes one's need to help others and the world. The sixth house also represents one's daily life and sense of routine. Look to this house when researching health weaknesses or disabilities. 

Natural Ruler of the Sixth House: Virgo

The Seventh House

The seventh house is the house of partnership and marriage. On a personal level it symbolizes one's perspective and experience regarding partnership, marriage, and the balance of life. The seventh house also represents one's relationship in business, finances, and politics. Look to this house when seeking understanding surrounding relationships and teamwork. 

Natural Ruler of the Seventh House: Libra

The Eighth House

The eighth house is the house of death and regeneration. It symbolizes one's spiritual transformation and life force. The eighth house also represents one's relationship with inheritence, surgery, taxes, joint resources, and debt. It also symbolizes psychic powers, occult studies, and sacred knowledge. Look to this house when seeking spiritual awakening, wealth, or self-development. 

Natural Ruler of the Eighth House: Scorpio

The Ninth House

The ninth house is the house of mental exploration and long distance travel. It symbolizes the higher mind, higher education, philosophy, and in depth study. The ninth house also represents travel, foreign lands, and global exploration. It symbolizes foreign exchanges, public expression, publishing, and literary works. Look to this house when seeking guidance on higher education and foreign affairs. 

Natural Ruler of the Ninth House: Sagittarius  

The Tenth House

The Tenth house is the house of career and public standing. It symbolizes all matters that take place outside the home such as: one's profession, community status, and public reputation. The tenth house is often referred to as the house of ambition. It symbolizes one's power, position, repsonsibility, and self-will. Look to this house when seeking guidance on material success and perseverance.

Natural Ruler of the Tenth House: Capricorn 

The Eleventh House

The eleventh house is the house of friends and dreams. It symbolizes one's vision, goals, and intellectual pleasures. The eleventh house often represents one's connection and oreitnation in groups, organizations, and close friend circles. It symbolizes one's ability to enjoy, engage, and align with others. The eleventh house is also known as the house of idealism and innovation. Look to this house when seeking guidance on community involvement, innovation, technology, and philosophy.

Natural Ruler of the Eleventh House: Aquarius

The Twelfth House

The twelfth house is the house of secrets, sorrows, and self-sabotage. It symbolizes the ultimate mystical experience and the end of life. The twelfth house often represents limitations, dissapointments, accidents, trouble, and self-defeat. It often symbolizes karma and spiritual debt. Look to this house when seeking to connect with pyschic powers or other realms. This house is also pivotal in past life regression work. 

Natural Ruler of the Twelfth House: Pisces