Weekly Horoscopes for January 28 - February 3


Last week our focus was on putting it out there, ready or not. This week as the moon begins its closing journey to the new Moon, we are being drawn inward again for mental realization and inner understanding. This is not necessarily the week to look for clarity or force things along, instead, we should continue on the current path with reverence and grace. Any dramatic changes or announcements that you are itching to make should be postponed until mid-February. Speaking too soon about a matter that is bound to change may come back to bite you in the foot. Instead of broadcasting your every move this week, dial back and focus on each task at hand. Avoid multi-tasking. This is the week to tune in and focus, not tune out and expand.

This week will challenge the ways in which we communicate and manifest our visions and desires. January’s powerful Eclipse season still has us fooling away at some project, new venture, promotion, idea or collaboration, but by now we are more mature and grounded, more realistic about how we can see this through. For many of us Monday may feel like a drag as we deal with the rewarding effects of the Scorpio First Quarter Moon. The First Quarter Moon in aspect terms is a 90 degree square to the Sun. In traditional astrology, a square aspect is a moment in time that encourages us to overcome adversity through obstacle. With this phenomenon occurring in Scorpio, this is perfect as Scorpio is the sign of diving deep depths just to rise stronger, wiser, and more emotionally mature. This aspect is part three in a four part series. Think back to part one, the solar eclipse new Moon in Capricorn on January 5, what did you ask for then? What was your focus then? In order to understand how to work this energy, you must first understand that you created it and now you must incorporate that which has returned back, into your current mission. So if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel confused, ask yourself how can you use this new awareness and information to move forward?

Tuesday brings some relationship squabbles as differences become more apparent. Mercury and Venus, the two celestial bodies associated with love and desire, have a lot to do with this. Mercury is dancing in Aquarius, the Free-spirited indie sign who loves all things unconventional, high class, and independent, while Venus is doing the tango in quick minded, philosophical, worldly adventurer Sagittarius. However today these two form a semi-square, charging up our awareness of the subtle irritations within us all. Try not to rub others feathers by just keeping it to yourself. If you can ignore this energy, please do so. You will avoid so much drama in the end. The Sun also forms a conjunction with Mercury, making us even more vocally strong and independent about our passions and beliefs. Use this energy to find unity in diversity, if anything, our ability to be different makes us alike.

Thursday may be a little emotional, so be mindful for unexpected waterworks. Communication breakdowns from Tuesday may get some more attention, so be mindful of this dynamic. If you feel like relationships or beliefs are holding you back form your true self, let go with no regret. You know what you need.

Friday is a day to mark on the calendar as Mars in Aries will mash off with Pluto in Capricorn, two bullheaded signs that are not afraid to stand their ground. When these two mashup, (which won’t happen again until August 5th, 2019) our internal world may be thrown for a loop as external conditions move us deeper into the most sensitive places of our self. This will leave us feeling raw, unsure, and internally chaotic. Try to deal with this energy within yourself. Ask yourself what this energy is trying to show you, what is it strengthening?

If you can keep your cool and stay calm then Saturday can bring some unexpected rewards as Venus in Sagittarius forms a waxing Trine with Uranus in Aries. This cosmic alignment brings intuition and understanding to areas of our relationships that may have once been shadowed and unsure. Instead of worrying and taking a serious approach to Love and connection, this influence inspires us to soften some of our rough edges and just go with the flow. Although Trines represent creative influx, it’s also a time where we are most likely to drift and go along with what feels good. Instead of going out to party with your love or friends, why not try doing small and intimate, something that is unique and innovative, a true reflection of who you are as a group or pair.

Sunday brings a loving high vibe as Mercury continues to build its alignment with Jupiter. This continuation of ascension provides us with an insight or necessary information and data to move forward. An opportunity that may have been hanging in the wind because of a missing piece may begin to shift and move along without much effort or tension on your part. Use this time to receive any additional guidance or instruction that you need. Fine tune your goal as much as possible; detail is the winner here. Venus will also switch gears and enter committed and mature Capricorn, making relationship more focused and centered around loyalty instead of passion.


Aries, this week requires extreme self-disclipine if you want to get this thing done, so get on it. But be careful about overreacting and snapping people’s head off in the meantime, especially on Tuesday when you are more focused on mental pursuits and team communications. Friday may bring out your inner ram when authority figures and boundaries challenge your ability to express free will. Keep calm. Saturday brings harmonious diplomatic vibes that smooth out what could’ve been traumatic waters. Spend Sunday studying. An insight into something you’ve been searching for suddenly pops up. This could be the beginning of something genius. 


 Taurus, this week requires you to get real about the truth of your relationships. If you are going through a relational transformation  with a love mate, family member, friend or partner, the truth that you are seeking will be revealed. Tuesday brings an opportunity to address any discrepancies in financial or business matters, especially if joint finances are involved. Pretend that this situation is a test to see how well you can remain calm and impersonal when talking about money. If you pass, harmony is your reward. If you fail, you will repeat the experience again and again until you pass. By Thursday you may feel emotionally tapped and drained, and Friday won’t be any better, but look on the bright side, this energy will give you the push you need to heal that which holds you back.  Sunday brings a welcoming shift to your relationships. All that was hidden is now light, and boy aren’t you happy. If you and your love stuck through this transit, welcome to paradise. 


Gemini, this week requires that you begin to take your work more seriously. Coasting your way through is not your higher purpose. You have been called to transform systems and the very formula for how humans communicate and share information. Financial burdens should’ve lifted some, but even still, you may be treading water. You may notice resistance to some of your more “liberal” ideas from higher ups and organizational figures. This could test your buttons and deep rooted desire to transform the human psyche. But chill out and don’t blow a fuse because things can get complicated come Friday when you have to face that same group of people. Especially since by Saturday the same people who once thought you too radical will suddenly see your grand vision. Hold off on any major announcements until at least after Sunday because the missing piece to the puzzle will come zipping in at just the right moment. Even still, you may feel the urge to just muddle and take time understanding what this could be. Everything that you are seeking will come Gemini, just be patient; you are supported. 


Cancer, this week requires you to tap into your ability to manifest your way out of darkness. If you’ve been depriving your own personal needs and desire, it’s time to replenish or you may burn out. Tuesday brings feelings of rock bottom but you aren’t even close. If you can overcome temptation to overreact about a situation on Friday, this weekend can be clarifying. Friday’s mashup addresses your need to procrastinate and avoid taking responsibility for your professional life. If you’ve been waiting for an introduction, maybe it’s time that you introduce yourself. Saturday and Sunday are good days to do research on any pressing career or home goals. You may also be seriously thinking about how you can change or improve your home or investment situation this weekend. Be patient. You will acquire all that you envision. 


Leo, this week requires you to get ready for some bumpy roads on the home front. Just when you feel like you could be getting clear about what you want, who you are, and where you are going, reality comes and smacks you in the face. But don’t be too pissed or upset, there’s a silver lining to this mayhem, and ultimately the financial and material security you want will arise from this. Relationships will be put under the fire this on Tuesday when your sharp tongue and emotional center go a little off track. Friday’s mashup won’t help this any, so prepare to do some soul searching for the best way not to lose your cool, especially with work matters. If someone doesn’t see your vision or respect  your gifts, take yourself elsewhere Leo, you’ve got better things to do. Saturday will spring forth an opportunity that was better than the one you jut walked away from, but don’t rush to accept this offer as Sunday will reveal hidden insights that may change how you feel. Take things slow this week, Leo, and you’ll end the week on solid ground. 


Virgo, this week requires you to be more honest with yourself and others. If something is bothering you, you don’t have to take it on by yourself; talk to someone, write it down, get it out, it would do your working bones good. Midweek, especially Tuesday could bring a cloud of depression surrounding your ego, gifts, and craft. Suddenly in the midst of all this glory, you feel like you don’t know who you are or you feel like people don’t see you. Don’t worry about how you appear to be Virgo, you need to pay attention to what’s going on inside that head of yours, especially     with Friday’s mashup taking you into the plummets of your deepest anguish and sorrow. You get hit with a financial or work based blow, a heavy one, but this is what you need Virgo, believe it or not. No matter how traumatizing, sometimes we just need to get knocked on our butts to realize that we can always stand back up. Try not to fret too much as Saturday focuses on Home and security, giving you a chance to crawl inside yourself for some much needed reflection. Engaging in mundane tasks like cleaning and sleeping will help your brain recharge for Sunday’s breakthrough. Whatever you’ve been worrying about comes, just remember to say thank you. 


Libra, this week requires you to get real about how you make your money, how you spend your money, and what value means to you. If you’ve been struggling to come to grips with the mid-life crisis your in, this week doesn’t ring a bell for any master epiphanies, however, on Tuesday, you will get an opportunity to excercise your diplomatic skills by avoiding any of that unnecessary he say/she say drama. Let it roll in one ear Libra and out the next, and don’t go searching on Instagram for something to be mad about, just let life be. Actually, let “I’m not even sweating it” be your mantra for the next six weeks or six years. You’ll be glad you did on Friday when your whole world feels like it’s crashing down. A personal goal or mission may suddenly be thwarted by domestic responsibilities at home and work — don’t get mad libra, just accept that life has boundaries and deal with it, but if you can’t swallow the whole situation, deal with it in small pieces, eventually you’ll come to terms. Saturday offers a refresher after this week’s challenging transit when relationships seem to fall into alignment at the perfect time. If Sunday seems quiet and slow, maybe it’s just what you need to slow down Libra, pampering yourself and doing some good ol’ nesting is just what you need to feel like you again. 


Scorpio, this week requires grit and determination as you come face to face with your most shadow and light personalities. This week is transformative for you as Tuesday highlights your ability to transmute chaos into power in the most authentic ways. Remember this calming power on Friday when things hit a climax. Friday feels like someone played a cruel joke and turned all the lights off, but don’t react. The external lights may be off, the streets may be dark, but your inner map has never shined more bright. If you can, hold out on talking about what’s going on inside until Saturday. Saturday’s energy is perfect for getting back in touch with who you are from the inside out, your soul. Sunday inspires you to revisit a communications or publishing project you may have curved or set aside in the past. Reimagine this project and explore the possibilities of what it could be. Jot down any stellar thoughts and ideas that sound appetizing. You’ll revisit them again soon.


Sagittarius, this week brings deep healing and reflection. You may be very tired and introverted. It would be wise to prioritize rest and minimize burning the candle at both ends; no amount of success is worth your soul’s depletion. Relationships may bring irritation and tension on Tuesday, especially with you being so focused on personal aspirations. Because of this tension you could easily overreact and verbally express your disgust. This could lead to unnecessary  drama, hurt feelings, and a mess that someone else will probably clean up. Avoid all that by using this week to work on a solo project or goal. Focusing your head around one clear subject will naturally eliminate any distractions. Getting your finances in order will also help release some of the extra weight you’ve been carrying. Friday brings a big realization that your dreams don’t match your pockets right now, and other responsibilities take center stage. But don’t worry, something better comes along Saturday that sets you in a new direction. You should invest in continuing your education on a particular trade or craft. Communication projects could get a green light on Sunday, so be prepared to give your winning speech. 


Capricorn, this week takes in demand to a whole new level. With you allocating 90% of your resources right now to building your innovative future, you do have to come down to earth every once in a while. This reality check will effect how you connect and relate to the outside world on a soul level. You may suddenly feel called to share more personal sides of yourself, but still in the private Capricorn way. An opportunity to release a grudge, fear or nagging task comes along Tuesday. This energy will indirectly affect how you view relationships present and past, and ultimately how you choose going forward who and what is right for you. Friday challenges you mentally as things heat up on the Home front. Something feels personal and it may feel like an assault on your character and ability to survive, but you will be fine. Deal with this battle internally. Do whatever you have to do to stay calm because Saturday brings an opportunity to set the record straight and get things back on track at home. Sunday is the day to sit down and hash out a long-term budget that you’re actually excited about committing too. 


Aquarius, this week requires you to press on full steam ahead, no matter what your inner voice is telling you. You are on a uphill winding journey to breakthrough, you can’t give up now, particularly in areas of planning and career. If you need clarity about where you stand on a romance issue, Tuesday could be the day you suddenly figure it out. If your obvious differences don’t merge, why bind them? If you’re still not feeling any different about this particular situation by Friday, you can expect to feel lower than low. But please Aquarius, do everything in your power not to internalize this as failure or loss. Sometimes things are kept at arms length to strengthen us, not tear us down. Watch your tongue because this anxiety could lead you to say some pretty harsh things, things that you inevitably do not mean. If you can keep it together for another 24 hours, Saturday is a much better day to talk to others about how you are feeling and what you would like to change. Sunday is the perfect day to gain support for a personal goal or mission. If you’ve been looking for a tribe, you may have just found it.


Pisces, this week will spark your interest of higher learning and mental exploration. The very way that you think is changing Pisces and it ultimately alters how you perceive yourself and the world. This can feel confusing and exciting all at the same time, especially on Tuesday when relationship triggers pull you deep into your past. This energy can leave you feeling impulsive and restless, wanting to push ahead on a professional project, even if you know you aren’t quite ready. Hold your little happy swimming fins Pisces, why are you in such a rush to master this craft? Slow down, enjoy it, savor the moment and the experience and be clear about why you’re even doing it in the first place. By Friday you could feel even more insecure about this new level of you, but give yourself time. Friday’s mashup opens the door to your personal finances and  group endeavors. Something that you want to share with the whole, may not be the wisest money move, so hold off, at least until Saturday when things start to calm down and you began to think clearly again. Saturday brings an opportunity to apply this new skill set into a profitable return. Take the lead on this Pisces. Sunday is perfect for taking some time for solitude and tuning into your inner self for a little while. This slow down brings insight into the next steps of your journey. Rest up. Next week has great things in store.