Weekly Horoscopes For February 11 - 17



Aries, this week is all about the ways in which you take up space in the world. With Mars and Uranus in Aries forming the last conjunction of this lifetime on February 13th, monumental life changes are brewing in your world, and you couldn’t be more excited or scared, but hold on to your grounding because you will be guided through this change, one baby step at a time. Mars will enter Taurus on Valentine’s day bringing some much needed chill vibes to your love life. If you’re wondering what to do for someone special in your life (including yourself) be practical about your decision, there is no sense in blowing the budget when you know you don’t have the money. Cook a luxurious meal at home and eat it under candlelight by the fireplace, get creative, you’re sweetie will love you for trying something new and more “mature” of you.


Taurus, this week is all about letting go of what you thought you knew or wanted to make space for something greater. With Mars and Uranus joining forces for the last time probably ever in your 12th house of healing in Aries, you could get the awakening of your lifetime, and it may not be all peaches and roses. How you engage and communicate your need for independence and stability is changing Taurus, and what will rise is a more confident, grounded, and laser-focused you. If you feel down on Valentine’s day, don’t be discouraged, Mars will move into your first house of self on February 14th and things could still be settling, so be patient. Don’t be so quick to take action or jump into anything new this week (watch your words or your texts before you fire off at someone), by next Monday you will feel revved and re-charged, ready to take action for the new path you are about to embark on.


Gemini, this week is all about tying up loose ends with a group or community based project or idea. With Mars and Uranus forming its last ever conjunction (in this century at least) in your 11th house of Aries on February 13th, you may feel a sudden insight about how your actions can change the outcome of the group’s overall goal. Something as simple as raising your hand and taking responsibility for an idea could send you in a whole new direction of self-growth and social recognition. Without even trying Gemini, you may take the lead, and don’t back down because this is what you never knew you wanted but always needed -- steady your reigns. On February 14th when Mars leaves your 11th house of groups in Aries and moves into your 12th house of ending in Taurus, you may feel like the door slammed shut in your face but it didn’t. This slow down is exactly what you need Gemini to get grounded and clear about what it is that you are birthing into physical form. In terms of love, Valentine’s day this year could be very sensual and nurturing, especially with Mercury in Pisces, you could be planning something out of the ordinary for your love, or you could be watching netflix and eating your favorite snacks -- how far and how deep you want to go is up to you.


Cancer, this week will show you how far you are willing to go to connect with those you love and who bring you joy. For the past six months you may have had an inclination to seek broader streams of friendships, group organizations, and work opportunities, but this week, enough is enough. On February 13th when Mars and Uranus have their final conjunction in your 10th house of career and social standings in Aries, you may finally get the insight you need to make a change in your career and work environment. This decision may rock how you view stability and home, but in the end, you’ll be much happier. Especially on February 14th when Mars moves into your 11th house of groups and friends in Taurus for the next six-weeks, reach out to those people who can help you build your dreams into reality. If you are looking for support or mentoring, connect with a community group, organization, or thought leader in that particular industry. With Mercury in Pisces until April 17th highlighting your 9th house of mental exploration and expansion, you are more interested in more holistic and health oriented goals and practices to keep you grounded, motivated, and moving in the right direction. If you feel tired or confused, try essential oils, body work, movement, anything to keep you out of your head and moving in the right direction -- do not get stuck!


Leo, your head is so high in the clouds this week, and unfortunately, it's time that you come back down. This week for you Leo is all about how you compartmentalize all the ideas swirling through your mind. With Mercury in Pisces highlighting your 8th house of shared resources and transformation, you could be analyzing where you are in the world and how this manifests a path of co-creation that supports your deepest desires, soul work, and financial stability. If you are struggling financially, this week asks you to take a different approach to finances, especially with Mars and Uranus forming its last conjunction of the century in your 9th house of mental exploration in Aries. This planetary aspect heightens your soul searching for purpose, but don’t rush it, you are on the brink of an idea that is not ready to be birthed yet, it is still a seed, and your job is to water it.


Virgo, this week will call you to get honest about your truth. What do you want Virgo? And if you know what you want then why aren’t you actively going to get it? On February 13th when Mars and Uranus conjunct in your 8th house of shared resources and soul transformation in Aries for the last time in this century, you get a clear picture of what is holding you back and why. However, don’t push this energy as conjunctions are the seeding phase and this is just the beginning of the story; give your future more time to unfold. In the meantime, you won’t get too much time to stress or worry as Mars enters your 9th house of mental exploration in Taurus, birthing a new level of curiosity, introspection, and desire for knowledge. For the next six weeks, study your craft, study your passion, and do it for you! With Mercury in Pisces highlighting your 7th house of relationships this is the perfect time to connect with other industry leaders or experts for greater learning, companionship, and support.


Libra, the next eight-weeks call you to get serious about your message and your health. With Mercury in Pisces highlighting your 6th house of work and wellness, you are deeply interested in the mystical sides of healing, self-care, and productivity schedules. However, things can get rocky midweek when Uranus and Mars sync up for the last time of the century in your 7th house of relationships and partnership. If you’ve been avoiding asserting your independence and standing on your own two feet, this week will give you no choice but to take that big step forward and swim on your own. Especially when Mars leaves your 7th house of Aries and moves into your 8th house of Taurus on February 14th. This planetary movement will give you deep insight into the ways that you belittle your self-worth and avoid taking responsibility of your own finances and personal endeavors. As much as you want to avoid taking responsibility for your lack of social and financial support, if you don’t ask no one will be able to tell Libra. If you need help or support, ask for it, you’ll be surprised at how fast it pours in.


Scorpio, love is definitely on your brain this week and it would be wise of you to pay those you love some extra special attention. With Mercury in Pisces for the next eight-weeks highlighting your 5th house of pleasure, children, and love, you may be extremely focused on self-care, wellness regimens, movement, and the arts, but even still you are doing it all in the name of love. Mars and Uranus will sync up in your 6th house work, health, and productivity in Aries for the last time of the century, and this alignment brings a much needed revival to any stalled work projects or ideas. When Mars moves into your 7th house of relationships and partnerships on February 14th, your focus will almost immediately switch from work to love, and this is okay. After a busy whirlwind of 2018, and January, this slow down to reconnect to self and those whom you love is necessary for your sanity, Scorpio. If you feel a resistance because you fear falling behind, just think about the work that you’ve already put in, that cannot be tarnished, Scorpio. Unwind and nourish your relationships, they are the source of your stability, don’t deny it.


Sagittarius, getting clear about who you are and where you stand on the inside is all that matters this week, especially when Mars and Uranus meet for their final conjunction of the century in your 5th house of pleasure, children, and love in Aries. This planetary alignment will reveal that other people’s opinions do not matter, it’s your big idea that leads the way. But don’t get too excited about your grand scheme because the very next day Mars will move into your 6th house of work and productivity of Taurus, raining on your imagination parade and urging you to get real. If you have big goals for your career or business, Sagittarius, it’s time that you get serious about your productivity and organizational practices. With Mercury floating through your 4th house of Pisces, internally you could be feeling more melodic and peaceful, moving at your own pace, but you cannot drag your feet. If you feel like dragging your feet, rally up a support group at home or create an atmosphere that encourages you to stay focused and consistent on your path.


Capricorn, your home life is on your radar this week, and lucky for you, you’re ready to do something to change it, especially when Mars and Uranus meet up for their final conjunction of the century in your 4th house of home, security, and family in Aries. For many people this would be an unusual placement as Aries typically represents the self, but for you, you embody this placement like a Goat and carry the weight of your family on your back. Often its not by choice, but this time, Capricorn, it is. You are ready to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your home and livelihood, and it's just as well that you do, because you were built for it. If you are looking to move into a new home, new career, or new era of financial stability, then get ready because when Mars moves into your 5th house of love, fame, and pleasure in Taurus on February 14th, not only will you take action to build the lifestyle that you want, but you’ll secure every bag along the way. With Mercury in Pisces highlighting your 3rd house of self-expression, self-empowerment, and emotional experience, you will be more inclined to share the deeper parts of your being, the parts that many never see or experience. Opening yourself to more authentic channels will lead you into the right spaces to get to where you want to go, open up, the world is waiting.


Aquarius, where are you holding back your truth and why? There is so much on your chest that you want to express, so much that you want to change for the world, yet you hold it all in and suffer in silence -- let that go. On Wednesday, February 13th when Mars and Uranus conjunct for the final time of your lifetime in your 3rd house self-expression in Aries, you will reach your breaking point of silence. Something will wake you up this week that forces you to step outside of your normal way of communicating and expressing your needs, leaving you open, vulnerable, ready for something real. On Thursday, February 14th you may feel a challenge or sense of resistance once Mars moves into your 4th house of home, inner stability, and experience in Taurus. This planetary transit will inspire a more constructive and consistent way of moving through the world, giving you a chance to get your internal world in order. However, with Mercury soaring through your 2nd house of self-worth and personal assets in Pisces, you may be feeling more sensitive, intuitive, and reserved about who you are and what you are working on at this time. Overall, this week starts a very reclusive cycle for you, bringing your birthday month to a quiet but necessary close, embrace it.


Pisces, you may have taken a mental beating for the past six-weeks, but finally you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll start to feel more like yourself starting on Wednesday, February 13th when Mars and Uranus align in your 2nd house of self-worth and personal assets for the final time in Aries. This astrological alignment gives you the harsh truth that you are responsible for everything that you want in this life. If you’ve been laying around sulking because things are not working out the way you wanted them too, don’t cry about it, do something about it. When Mars leaves your 2nd house of Aries and moves into your 3rd house of self, expression, and communication in Taurus on Thursday, February 14th, you may start to feel the first urgings that something serious is on the rise. For the pisceans who use self-expression as a means of monetary gain or financial standing, this is your time to take your craft serious with a Capital S. With Mercury already in your 1st house of identity and self in Pisces until April 17, 2019, you are literally sitting on a goldmine and this is your time to step out in subtle grace and shine. Be patient with yourself if you still feel like you have cement in your shoes, come out of your shell one day at a time and watch the world swoon.