Weekly Horoscopes for February 25 - March 3, 2019



Aries, the beginning of the week could bring a shock to your immune system. Work and home stressors weigh you down heavy on Tuesday, February 26th. Subtle indiscretions and work secrets may come to the surface. How will you respond to the disruption? Hopefully in a cool, calm and collected way, but feelings are running high and you may lose your cool. Taking a walk or removing yourself physically from the situation will do you a world of good. By the afternoon you will be in a better place and will be able to work things out smoothly. Wednesday, February 27th, is the perfect day for you to block out all mental and physical noise and get some serious work done. Your focus will be on your personal possessions and last minute bills or unexpected financial obligations may pop up. Your best protocol to survive this week is being prepared for the unexpected. If you set your mind to a new way of thinking you will ace every test that comes your way this week. Friday, March 1st, should be marked red on your calendar because it rains cosmic action. Venus will enter Aquarius in your 11th house of groups and friends and will also square Uranus in Aries bringing necessary unexpected changes to your relationship with others and self. There may be disagreements about your personal identity or beliefs. Try not to take any dispute to heart this weekend and instead focus on healing yourself before you try to compete with others. Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd, are perfect for getting with your nearest and dearest and making up for lost time. You may find yourself laughing over drinks and rich food with like-minded souls having very interesting and unusual conversations. Try your best to spend Sunday, March 3rd near water or someplace calm. You should focus on your inner world. Visualize everything that you want and need in this moment as a river flowing effortlessly. bringing your heart’s truest desire right to you.

The key for you this week Aries is practicing putting yourself first. Lately you’ve been somewhat of a martyr for your family, co-workers and friends and you need some time this weekend to replenish your own well. Focus on balancing your time for self and others. Don’t be a recluse, but don’t be an overly social Betty when you have a family and business to run either.


Taurus, if you’ve been relying on external sources or other people to keep you motivated, the beginning of this week may feel a little rough to you. On Tuesday, February 26th, your responsibilities and sometimes limited thinking may inhibit your ability to express your emotions or creatively clearly. Instead of you tapping into your more sensitive nature you may lash out emotionally and use harsh words to cover up your disappointments and long-term suffering. If you don’t feel like talking on Tuesday you will definitely be ready to hash things out on Wednesday night, February 27th. On Friday, March 1st, your inner desire to create more security through learning and educational experiences intensifies. This may inspire you to seek new opportunities that will help expand your mental and intellectual capabilities, especially if it involves cultural experiences or long-distance travel. Venus will also Enter Aquarius on Friday highlighting your 10th house of career, reputation, and ambition until March 26th. During this period, your relationships are challenged through areas of work and past life conditions. You may be yearning for old relationships or karmic experiences that must be shed and left behind. Try to avoid any underlying temptations or urges to slip back into your old ways. On Saturday, March 2nd, a work opportunity may come to you from someone you know in your community or professional industry. The offer brings stability to your sense of identity and confidence. Do not think twice about securing your future through doing what you love — this is once in a lifetime baby. Even after the good news on Sunday, March 3rd, you may feel a sudden loss, like the world is trying to break you down but it’s not. Recognize the lesson in this experience and use it to do better the next time.

The key for you this week Taurus is you need to trust in your ability to stand on your own two feet by being true to what you love. If your passion is not being acknowledged then this week will be the one to wake it up. You need to believe in your heart and mind that your dreams are possible through consistency and patience. Be open to new opportunities and don’t take challenges as a direct threat to your sense of security and well-being. You are on the right path.


Gemini, if you’ve been struggling financially the beginning of this week can feel like your hanging on by a invisible thread. Climbing out the rut your financially in requires you to get Real about what responsibility demands of you. If you don’t have a clear understanding of exactly how much money you need each money to survive the bare minimum then get out your pen and paper. The cycle that you're in, you’ve been in for a while, and floating by won’t cut the bill any longer. Your relationship to money may be under direct sunlight on Tuesday, February 26th. You can’t daydream about making money Gemini, you have to put your emotions to the side and set your best foot forward, for good this time. On Wednesday, February 27th, you may get a much needed revelation about an underlying fear, past life or childhood experience that may have been blocking your ability to effortlessly attract resources. Use this energy to get to the root of your material fears. Avoid your cycle to escape. By Friday, March 1st, you may be face-to-face with new ideas and solutions that could prove to bring long-term results for your financial security. Just make sure that these dreams are practical and can be applied easily in the physical and material world. Although these may be less creative like pursuits, you should still implement your own sense of identity and Gemini creativity on everything that you build moving forward. Venus will also enter Aquarius in your 9th house of mental exploration and adventure. Venus will transit this part of your chart until Tuesday, March 26th. Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd, require you to spend some time shedding old patterns that no longer serve you. Try trimming the excess indulgences you know you do not need or simply can’t afford in this moment. You may find a new sense of peace and innerstanding when you move deeper into a new way of moving and being through material gain.

The key for you this week Gemini is to keep moving forward at all costs. As much as you think it would be a great idea for you to camp out underneath the stars and meditate on what you should be doing for the next six months, it’s time to get practical and more realistic about what being a professional and mature Gemini really means. You have many ways to make money, choose one that makes you happy and stick to it.


Cancer, in the beginning of the week your beliefs about relationships and how you express your truth regarding this belief is bound to be challenged, questioned, and ultimately transformed. On Tuesday, February 26th, if you feel upset, undermined or defeated do not hide this emotion. Respecting your gift of  sensitivity and tough life experiences is only molding you for the better. Even though your ideas may not be matched by those closest to you and the ones you love, you shouldn’t push those dreams to the side. On Wednesday, February 27th, you may feel an inclination to share more of your personal possessions and truth to the world. You may desire more thought leadership or presence on social media and the mainstream world. Desire for more attention and on your external appearances intensify as Venus, the planet of love and Beauty enters Aquarius in your 8th house of shared resources and finances on Friday, March 1st. Venus will be here until Tuesday, March 26th. Saturday, March 2nd, reflects a male figure or symbol trying to exert unwanted power or decision making over you. This disruption may come from someone being jealous about a material asset or public recognition that was given to you from the community or a group of people. By Sunday, March 3rd, you could be feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. Spend whatever free time you have on Sunday nourishing and recharging yourself. Avoid people who push your buttons, you don’t have time for their drama this weekend.

The key for you this week Cancer is placing firm boundaries around your needs and desires. By nature you are the mother, the nurturer and gentle provider. You will go above and beyond to love others and make them feel accepted so you can receive the same love in return. However, sometimes others do not recognize you for all you give. If you feel taken advantage of or controlled, it is your duty and your responsibility to speak up for yourself. Do not let others control you, nor shall you try and control them. Treat others how you want to be treated and if they can’t do the same, separate yourself.


Leo, Monday and Tuesday, February 25th and 26th, bring you face-to-face with your past. On Tuesday, if you feel overwhelmed by your memory you should express it. You have the tendency to carry unnecessary burdens and writing, music, dance, art or performance will help eliminate that now. You should listen to your body when it says it needs rest. Processing toxic emotions can drain your energy. Pushing yourself beyond your limit for the fear of missing out or jealousy will only deplete you. Encourage new patterns to relax your nerves and relieve tension. On Wednesday, February 27th, heightened sensitivity to external stimuli triggers your shared resources sector and career opportunities can grow organically under this cosmic alignment. On Friday, March 1st, Venus enters Aquarius in your 7th house of partnerships and balance until Tuesday, March 26th. Relationships tend to transform over your desire to be more open and Free in your community — you want to stretch your wings and put yourself out there but your partner may not express the same belief or visa versa. Consistency is needed on a daily basis now if you want to see your goals manifested within the next two years. Focus your energy this weekend on applying more self-discipline and professionalism when moving towards business goals. By Saturday, March 3rd, you are completely focused on building more stability in your life. Your emotions give you the inspiration you need to see this plan through, just remember it’s okay and important for you to rest. If your relationship fell short on Friday you will be back on each other’s nice list by Saturday night, especially if you open your heart and tell them how you truly feel. Spend Sunday in meditation and stillness. If you can take the weekend for yourself. You are being urged to pull deeper into your self and soul tribe right now. Give yourself permission to reboot.

The key this week for you Leo is being honest about what pleases you so you can create with passion and love. Multiple relationships demand your attention starting Friday. Remember to say no to invitations that do not match your vibe. Pretending just for the fun of it doesn’t work for you anymore. Move away from complicated toxic relationships and behaviors and open your heart.


Virgo, the beginning of the week highlights the undercover truth and secrets of your most sacred relationships. You could be feeling a little left out and excluded from your personal desires on a day-by-day basis and the beginning of the week could feel like it’s just dragging on, but by Wednesday night, February 27th, your relationships move to new heights as you learn to open your mind and explore what intimacy could be for you. Friday marks a new beginning in your professional relationships as Venus enters Aquarius in your 6th house of work, daily responsibilities, and health. You may look deeper into expanding your technological skills especially if it can help you get ahead in areas of work and efficiency. If you own a business, this transit is ideal for appealing to a mass audience of customers or to launch a more advanced campaign or digital premiere. Be mindful that you could very well be on the path to superiority and thought leadership in your established niche. As the day goes on your ability to constructively express your emotions and desires intensifies your longing to establish more security in your gifts and natural talents. As much as you enjoy cultivating your gifts behind the scenes, the weekend may reveal an opportunity to step boldly into who you truly are. Let it shine!

The key for you this week Virgo is releasing your codependency issues in a relationship. Learning to express yourself in a more sensual manner will attract greater intimacy and authenticity in your relationships. Accepting that all love is not about another person, you deepen your relationship and commitment to establishing your own identity and sense of innate creativity. You have so much to give Virgo, share some of that joy with yourself, you need and deserve to play!


Libra, as you move through Monday and Tuesday of this week, you may struggle with some of life’s more serious demands weighing down on you. However, Monday and Tuesday, February 25th and 26th, require you to take your work and your well-being more serious. You can create a new level of consistency and work ethic in your changing lifestyle now, and on Tuesday you could be challenged by a work/life crossfire. Learning to move through a flexible schedule that allows time for family but also prioritizes the sacredness of your work is a specialized dance that only you are trained in. By Wednesday night, February 27th, any disruptions or disagreements surrounding work affairs will naturally dissolve themselves. Use this energy to clear some tension around financial transactions, especially those that involve other people’s money or shared resources. Friday, March 1st, insures that you shift your focus from home and security to fulfilling your own heart’s song. Venus enters Aquarius in your 5th house of fame, pleasure, and children until Tuesday, March 26th. This activation to your 5th house inspires you to step deeper into the limelight — giving you a much needed period of self-reflection on what you truly want. Friday’s flames also brings you face-to-face with some of your most buried insecurities, forcing you to acknowledge cracks in your inner foundation that can expose you to harm and toxicity later down the road. Saturday, March 2nd, brings some clarity into where this pressure may be stemming from and it asks you to be more diligent about how you exert and misuse your personal power. You do not have to take power to use power. You can stand on your own two feet and still be balanced and able to support your friends, loved ones, and family. On Sunday, March 3rd, create space to make time doing something that you really love, hopefully not work-related. Preparing a deliciously health meal in your kitchen barefoot to your favorite song with a room full of the most intimate people you love is just what your soul needs to recharge in time for the new Moon next week.

The key for you this week Libra is learn to trust your gut and take leaps into your future. What others say or think about your personal motives does not matter. You have to be more daring and straightforward with folks about your needs. Once you learn to speak with authority and sincerity, new doors will fly open for you.


Scorpio, Monday and Tuesday, February 25th and 26th require action in areas of your life that stimulate you creatively and intuitively. On Tuesday, your desire to become more financially active and involved may trigger your desire to spend freely. Avoid making unnecessary purchases that do not align with your long-term vision. Instead of purchasing unnecessary materials only to feel like you are moving further along, invest your mental and emotional time and energy into learning essential skills that will aid you in your future development. Your knowledge and expertise will pay off in the long run. By Wednesday night, February 27th, you may be feeling more confident to exert your physical and creative needs in more expressive ways. On Friday, March 1st, when Venus enters Aquarius in your 4th house of security, emotion, and Home until Tuesday, March 26th. Friday challenges your need to be more creatively expressive. If you are used to carrying yourself in a more serious regard maybe it’s time to laugh a little. You should spend Sunday, March 3rd, imagining what your dream life and relationship looks and feel like so that step-by-step you can create it.

The key for you this week Scorpio is to keep going no matter what. As more of your innate creativity and sense of humor continues to evolve, the more you will be able to express your visualizations and aspirations with an unmatched intensity and personal power that others could only dream of.


Sagittarius, the beginning of the week can feel like a personal reawakening as the last quarter Moon in your sign illuminates a new time of identity and emotional intelligence for you. You have matured greatly in the past six months and this cycle ensures that you will continue on a path of acquisition and personal financial growth if you remain adamant in your studies and budget. On Tuesday, February 26th, things heat up for you as you come face-to-face with old patterns that do not support you financially and emotionally in the long run. If you have the emotional tendency to escape pragmatic situations due to a fear or lack of maturity dealing and responding to some of life’s more serious learning lessons, you may struggle deeply with the cards you are handed. Avoiding your co-dependency on others, especially loans and quick borrows. By Wednesday night, February 27th, the harsh truths of Tuesday will make room for emotional breakthroughs that could help you move through blockages that once kept you stagnant. On Friday, March 1st, when Venus enters Aquarius in your 3rd house of creativity, communication, and self-expression until Tuesday, March 26th, you can expect to become submerged in expressing progressive ideas, thoughts, and works of art to the mainstream or global audience. Saturday, March 2nd, proves to be a challenging day as it inspires you to move deeper into your personal financial affairs with a new perspective. Having an open mind on Sunday, March 3rd, will help you to come up with a much needed long-term work schedule or strategic plan that you can adhere to and follow on a day-by-day basis.

The key for you this week Sagittarius is being okay with growing up. Maturity and financial responsibility are not always exciting nor personally pleasing, but being consistent and taking responsibility for your own finances and resources is the only way you can finally establish yourself on solid ground.


Capricorn, deliberate restful action is the name of your game at the beginning of the week, especially on Monday and Tuesday, February 25th and 26th. On Tuesday, you may feel a sense of restlessness for adventure and excitement as the last quarter moon in Sagittarius highlights your closure on an emotional ending. Internally you are in deep need of a retreat or moment of solitude. However, life’s demands on connection to the greater world force you to come out of your shell, and you learn to express this sensitivity with more intuition and emotional clarity. Speaking of clarity, relationships become a source of your problem Tuesday when you and a special somebody bump heads over a minor miscommunication. Don’t worry, by Wednesday night, February 27th, things can be easily cleared up when you learn to expose your inner need to feel loved, nurtured, and protected. On Friday, March 1st, love partnerships could potentially make some money together when Venus enters Aquarius in your 2nd house of personal values and assets until Tuesday, March 26th. Friday could also bring illumination to any new ideas or insights into who you are and where you are going. Saturday, March 2nd, is a great day to move deeper into your own sense of personal power and maybe understand why you need to feel in control to feel safe. Letting your guard down and opening up is not easy for you Capricorn, but on Sunday, March 3rd, your personal desire for more freedom and long-term stability in your love life and pleasure sector may force you to express your true feelings or risk the chance of losing a special moment.

The key for you this week Capricorn is to keep your eye on the prize without getting too cocky and thinking you have all the answers. The more you accept that even you are still learning, the more authentic exeperiences you will attract.


Aquarius, on Tuesday, February 26th, you get an insight into how fun and adventurous life can be when you share your unique perspective and progressive ideas with the world. You have something extraordinary to offer the world and you shouldn’t hide behind other people when you know you are meant to share your gifts too. Be more persistent about meeting work demands and finding a balance between the personal and the professional. Your ability to communicate and replicate the essence of divine connection comes to your rescue on Wednesday, February 27th. On Friday, March 1st, your relationships may suddenly begin to spring back to life when Venus enters Aquarius in your 1st house of self and identity until Tuesday, March 26th. Make a commitment to yourself to honor your body’s need for rest and rejuvenation. However, on Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd, you may feel personally challenged to stand up for your new proclaimed boundaries, especially with individuals who expect you to stay the same.

The key for you this week Aquarius is to get clear on what your personal boundaries are. If you don’t know what you will and won’t allow neither do the people around you. It’s okay if you feel like you have to leave certain people behind, just do so with love.


Pisces, with so much emphasis on your 1st house of self and ego this month, you may feel a little worn or overwhelmed. On Tuesday, February 26th, the Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon brings some much needed reinforcement to your career and public reputation sector. You may be showcasing a project you’ve been working on behind the scenes, or you could be moving deeper into a higher-learning opportunity that is assisting you with perfecting your craft. Your personal liberation and freedom may be challenged in the process, and you and someone that you are working with may disagree on what they feel is best for you, but try to hear them out Pisces, they may have a valid point. By Wednesday night, February 27th, whatever issue you may have had is starting to dwindle as this delay creates an opportunity to take the project or experience to a new level. On Friday, March 1st, Venus will enter Aquarius in your 12th house of ending, closure, and soul reflection until Tuesday, March 26th. Your desire and need to express your ideas in a private way becomes more evident as you are challenged by the public to share more of who you truly are. Remember that you are your own person and can do things your own Piscean way. This way of thinking is particularly important on Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd, two days that will give you a run for your money on how committed you really are to your goal for the long haul.

The key for you this week Pisces is to get serious about your mission. If you don’t take your work serious I don’t know how you expect others to do so. Be more than passionate about what you love, be consistent and diligent about it. Turn your passion into your paycheck by being reliable for what you say you will accomplish. If you do the work, the world could be yours this time next summer.