March 2019 Affirmation Horoscopes

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I stand in my own power by choosing rest. Filling my own cup requires me to say no. Because when I say yes I will say yes with confidence in my heart. I accept that reserving my energy does not make me a loser. And neither does standing for what’s right. Moving within I am restored. When the time comes for me to act I will. When the time comes for me to fight for what I love I will. I trust in my intuition. I connect to my ancestors. I let my vision for a new future light my way. My relationships are expanding. I am supported by a global community who sees my light. My personal power is unmatched. I use my power for good.


I am not afraid of the dark. In darkness I find sanctuary. In darkness I remember my light. When I lose my way I will look within. I will remember and lean on those I can call. Friendships are important. I do not have to heal alone. I do not have to build alone. I am surrounded by a team of loving beings who accept me for who I am. My work is important. My creativity to build is worthy. I give myself the validation I need to carry on. I accept that sometimes my mistakes add up. But I trust that every decision will lead me the right way. So I choose whole heartedly. And when I choose I choose for me. I am everything that I need to be in this moment.


I give myself permission to accept my shadow. To uncover its truth and shed its light. Wisdom comes in unusual places this month and I remain open. I open to the unknown. I give permission for uncertainty to enter my home. I make a bed for change. I know what I am and who I am is who I was born to be. I share my gifts with ease. I shine my light with ease. I find myself in sacred spaces by listening to my gut. Where I am lead I will go. I follow the voice of thy highest name. I am worthy of holy praise.


Saying no is not a crime. Standing on my own two feet is not a crime. Saying yes to love is not a crime. I am free to make choices for self. I give myself permission to choose. I give myself permission to walk away from anything that no longer serves me. I give myself permission to change my mind. Because it’s okay to change. It’s okay to want something better. I deserve something better. I deserve unconditional love. Because I am worthy. I am smart and necessary. I am needed in this world.


Every experience is not here to hurt me or shape me. I accept that some moments are just moment. My expectations are my biggest weakest. I expect to be loved, supported, and held. I hold that space in my heart. And what I hold I manifest. Because I manifest love. I manifest peace. I manifest a freedom from the despair of poverty. I am prosperous in Spirit. I am abundant in heart. I am worthy of earthly riches. And in due time all will catch up to me. But until then I am grateful. I hold my head high. And when I need to roar or cry or be the mouse. I give myself permission to be that too. I am whole and strong. I am whatever I say I am. I am.


Healing doesn’t always mean slowing down. The path of healing is up to me. And I choose to heal in everything I do. The words I speak are healing. The foods I eat are healing. The relationships I engage in are healing. My relationship to healing opens the door to my revolution. I am awakened now. I am stepping deeper and deeper into the fullness of who I am. My well is overflowing. And with each step I take it grows with me. We are one.


My strength comes in numbers. And every move I take brings me closer to my destination. My truth is my beauty. My ability to desire a world that is unified and harmonious through diversity and culture is my job. I give myself permission to fully explore doing what I love. I am worthy of fun and enjoyment. Making space for the simple things in life awakens inspiration for the monument of what’s to come. I create space for more love. I create space for more peace. I create space for more alignment in my work. I make space for me.


There are no rules that dictate the way I am supposed to be. I am not my past. I am not my future. I am this moment. And this moment is where I am. I choose to make peace with what was so I can embrace the fullness of every second I breathe. I choose to move forward. I choose to move through insecurity and fear of what could be by experiencing what is. My decisions are neither bad nor good. My decisions are the reflection of my Free will. And my will is strong. My will is everlasting. I give myself permission to carry on. I can and will move through anything.


Taking a break does not make me weak. My ability to rest, meditate, and contemplate is my greatest ally. I move deeper into the stillness of this moment. I let this moment hold me in its arms. In my surrender I am reformed. My strength comes from the ability to trust. I am safe. I am supported. My needs will be provided for. I do have the power to create the life I dream. I do have the resources to express my true creativity. I will not let my light be torn down. I am a lighthouse. I am mighty and strong. I am the self-taught guide to lead others home.


My ability to express my emotion opens the door to the eternal. I am a river when I allow myself to flow. And I give myself permission to flow. I give myself the power to use my gift of intuition as a way to remember who I am. I remember what I am here to do and I follow the soul of that mission. My sacrifice is not in vain. My suffering is not in vain. The walk that I have journeyed will lead me to thy highest truth. But wherever I am in this moment I make it home. I find my peace here. I express my peace here. I learn to love it here. Because when I do make it to the highest land, I will be ready. I will be ready.


My money grows when I grow. My money wanes when fear grows. My money is where my passion is. I accept that none of these are the same. I accept that this moment requires that I get honest about my truth. I use this opportunity to redefine what it means to earn and to spend. I redefine what it means to be a resource, a light, a pathway to the future for an entire world. I lean into this power. I surrender to all that I do not know nor understand. I find acceptance in not knowing. I make the darkness my home. But with every sacrifice I make I am drawn closer to my fortress. I am abundant and money will come to me when I am ready to accept it for what it is. I affirm that chasing money is not the same as chasing my dreams. Therefore I choose to just be. I choose to be my dreams.


I accept that the way is my way. And that the only one who knows what that way is, is me. Moving deeper into myself I discover new memories, new patterns and behaviors that define who I am. I use this opportunity as a canvas for my own delight and long-lasting enjoyment. I shape my self and my life to what I know in my heart to be true. I am not powerless. I am not weak. I do have the ability to use all my light for good. I create and walk a path that is unique, special, and rare. I accept that this comes with challenge. I will not back down to fear. I am the one and the almighty. I give myself permission to transcend.