Horoscopes for the March 2019 Pisces New Moon

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When the moon is new so are we. Our dreams, our desires, our emotions, our destinies are intertwined with that of the Sun. Our emotions become one with our personality and the sky is dark. We are in the womb. We are in the seedling stage of a new beginning or expansion.

The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 15 degrees Pisces, a pivotal turning point in the sign of Pisces. This particular new Moon occurs in the second Decan (set of degrees) of Pisces. In traditional astrology, the planetary subruler of this degree of Pisces is the moon. It represents compassion and a heightened awareness of others.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon is considered the first major lunation of a full lunar cycle. A new Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon conjunct in the same sign and degree. The new Moon is considered a dark moon because its illumination is fully shadowed by the Sun.

The new Moon is a period of impulse. It represents the first inclinations of something new. You can imagine this as the universe whispering divine intuition for the future. It gifts us with synchronicities and visions that open us up to long for something more. It is not a period to push ahead or to force things along. It is a period to tune in, open your eyes to something new, and to be vulnerable to that which is unknown.

Why the New Moon in Pisces is important to you.

Occurring at 12:04 PM EST at 15’47 Pisces the New Moon casts silence and intuitive darkness through the sky. Many of us perceive darkness as something toxic, negative, fearful. But darkness is space, and space is the psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual air that we need to breathe and sustain as human beings.

For those who have a planet that is near 15 degrees Pisces this transit could be intense for you. However, we will all feel the effects of Pisces intuition, keen observation, sensuality, sensitivity, and need to serve others through our gifts.

Validation is a word that comes to me when I think about this new Moon. And validation is a dark hole that leads to anxiety, depression, fear. Pisces can sometimes be a martyr of others beliefs. Pisces is a sponge, it soaks up whatever it is around. So be mindful of the environment that you find sanctuary in. Be mindful of the images you watch on your phone, television, computer screens. Be mindful of the conversions, thoughts, and sounds you listen too.

This new Moon is potent for intuitive downloads. When we tune in and trust our power we are gifted with the resources of the impossible. Doors that you didn’t even know were doors shall open.

Planetary Aspects for the New Moon in Pisces

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, the Moon and Sun will both conjunct Neptune in Pisces. On the same day Uranus will enter back into Taurus until April 2026. The Neptune conjunction brings a deeper element of dreams, illusion, and purpose to the mix. We are dreaming big dreams, deep dreams, ancestral generational dreams and they demand courage. They demand us to be clear, to be vocal, to be brave and stand in our authentic power.

Manifestation is heightened with Neptune in the mix. But with Uranus now in Taurus disruption to our sense of order and personal responsibility can create some doubt or mental breakdowns. Remember that this is the starting point before the start point. Pisces is the last wheel of the zodiac. It represents completion and transcendence. We are completing something, making space so something new and fertile can grow.

How to use the New Moon in Pisces

Let go of what you were taught. Let go of what you carry that you do not believe. Open yourself to the impossible. Open yourself to the unknown. You can do magical things when you believe that anything is possible. So believe it. Believe that anything is possible.

A ritual for the Pisces New Moon

Imagine what you want to manifest into your physical reality. If you can (and I know you can) create something physical, something 3D that is a replication of what you are manifesting in the spiritual realms. When we go beyond the written word and allow our bodies to play with objects, colors, sounds, materials we give ourselves permission to experience new patterns.  

For example, I am manifesting a restaurant space. I have chosen to take a old cardboard box and make a 5D model of what I imagine this space to be. Another example is my cookbook. I’ve been writing it diligently for weeks. But I’m ready to take this to the next level so I am going to prepare physical manifestations of the book (recipes) and share it with my loved ones.

The purpose of ritual is gratitude. No matter what you are calling upon the gift of giving is the purest intention of all. Pisces transcends the personal and moves into all that is, the one. Focusing your own divine talents, gifts, and resources to be a source of inspiration, influence, and healing for all beings is the purpose of this ritual. But you have to believe it. You have to shape it and create it with your own free will. You have to do both the physical and the spiritual work. So bring your spiritual manifestations into the physical world.

Ideas for the ritual:

Make a scrapbook that will hold all the images and artifacts from the places and experiences you want to go.

Take an empty pot of soil and plant seeds of paper that represent the garden of your labor. The hard work that will be your harvest in summer and fall.

Create a sacred bath with flowers, herbs, salts, and oils to symbolize your baptism, a physical manifestation of purification and healing.

Create a family symbol, flag, or anthem with your children that signifies the love and intentions you want to program for generations to come.

There are many ways to manifest your imagination. Think outside the box. Anything is possible.


Old ideas and familial patterns no longer serve you. Give yourself space to explore your past. Give yourself time to be okay with where you have been. Give yourself time because you have it. This is about you, your needs, your healing. Give your love the time it needs to grow.


Emotions about your public image and social status plague you. You are a worthy and shining bright star. Let your emotions be shown. Show the world your truth, your ability to be vulnerable and open. You deserve to be seen Taurus. Show the world who you truly are.


Your emotions can aid your career. Running from what you feel feeds your fear. Share your voice. Showcase your talents. Hiding behind the masks won’t bring you the opportunities you deserve and need.


Your dreams are valuable. Your dreams can be achieved. Opening yourself to new experiences could send you down an unthinkable path. Trust your emotions. Trust what you feel. Your heart will bring you the experience you need.


Worrying about money won’t make it come any faster. Share your light Leo. You shine so bright. So many people love you. Learn to love yourself the way you love others and watch it come back to you.


Relationships need water to survive. Water them. Nourish them. Nourish your beliefs. Nourish your dreams. Nourish yourself. Water what you want Virgo and watch it grow.


Saving others is not your only purpose Libra. What do you love? What brings you joy? What fills you up? Do more of that. Be more of that. Allow more of that. There is more to life than self-sacrifice in the name of unconditional love.


You don’t have to give in to drama. You don’t have to give in to temptation. You can be self sufficient and still kind. You can be hard and still soft. You don’t have to be anything for people to love you, to notice you. Be yourself Scorpio. Be yourself.


Your home is your sanctuary Sag. You don’t have to hide your emotions about security and self-sufficiency. It’s time that you focus on the long-term. Procrastination has to stop, now.


Self-expression is everything to you, even if you aren’t always open about how you truly feel. You should create something. You should focus on improving yourself for greater confidence and stability. Give yourself permission to give in and let go.


Your personality is to lead the pack Aquarius. But it’s time that you focus more on leading yourself. Tune into your own needs, your own wants, your own desires, you were not born to be alone.


Your entire being is under reconstruction. This is a new time for you Pisces, a fertile beginning. Dream with your eyes wide open. This is not the time to put your head under the water.