2019 Mercury Retrograde In Pisces Horoscopes

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Tuesday March 5th, 2019, Mercury, the planet of communication, information, and logic stations Retrograde at 29 Pisces until March 29th. When Mercury is Retrograde communications may appear to slow down or reach a delay. Old memories may resurface and demand release. Creative projects and activities bring a sense of relief and engagement beyond the noise. It’s a time where we should intentionally slow down, meditate on our thoughts, and connect to what makes us feel joy. Sometimes our minds may feel cloudy, but in those moments we are being called to tune in, to remember who we are without expectation, validation, or societal pressure. 

What is Mercury Retrograde? 

In astronomy, when a planet is said to be in retrograde, it is an observation that the planet or celestial body is moving in the opposite direction than the other celestial bodies and planets. 

In astrology, when a planet is said to be in retrograde, the characteristics and abilities of the planet appears to be in Reverse. Actions may slow down and in return bring delayed effects to the area of house the planet governs. 

How does Mercury Retrograde effect me? 

Mercury is the planet of communication and information. In traditional astrology it governs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury controls our logic and analytical mind. When Mercury is in its regular motion it helps us process information and communication our needs effectively. When Mercury is in Pisces our communication moves from a more logical and analytical approach to one that is sensual, intuitive, and telepathic in nature. 

Things to do when Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces.

  1. Take time to dream: Pisces can be known for their lazy streak but underneath the illusion they are very productive and creative beings. Taking time to try a different approach to your more analytical problems may open a new more creative way to respond. Visualization is a very effective manifestation practice when implemented consistently. Taking ten minutes to visualize your intentions could do wonders in opening up dormant places within your own mind. 

  2. Create something: Pisces is naturally creative, all yin polarity signs are. However Pisces has this innate ability to create something truly unique and rare; a phenomena to mainstream society. Moving away from the more left-brained masculine ways of thinking and moving into a more feminine right-brained approach allows us to create from the center of who we are, the balanced being. Choosing to indulge in a creative project could build a bridge between a work related or partner based issue. If you feel stressed, create something alone, with your family, or with your co-workers. Invoking a sense of connection and communication through creation is truly a one-of-a kind experience. 

A gentle note of advice for the March 2019 Mercury Retrograde Transit: 

Focus on being you, loving you, supporting you, encouraging you so you can be everything you need to be for the world.

Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes for Each Sign:


A past trauma, project, relationship, experience or habit resurfaces now. Focus on how this makes you feel. You need to move through this. Do not try to escape. Take responsibility for your actions and grow from it. Take time to read, write or create. Working on an old hobby soothes you. Spend time alone.

Affirmation: I am open to the unknown. I release the weight of my past. I reprogram my subconscious mind. My thoughts move me towards the life that I desire. I surrender to imagination.


A group project or initiative could come to an untimely stall now. Only accept responsibility for what you can control. Integrating your ability to think practically and outside the box is needed now. Speak up for the group and present your innovative ideas. You may need to improve the way you communicate to other people. Just remember that the air is extremely sensitive right now. Speak with loving authority. Working this thing out takes time.

I lead others with my light. I accept that great things take time. My team has the resources and support we need. I trust the process. I give myself permission to share and expand. I surrender to the higher will.


A professional goal or business venture may seem to go off track. Expectations could create anxiety, depression, fear or insecurity about your ability to create the career or lifestyle that you dream. Take a step back from your personal timeline and focus on the long-range details. If you’ve been playing it small it may be time to think outside the box. Giving things time to unfold is best now.

Affirmation: I commit to being my true self at work and at home. I accept responsibility for my dreams. My career and business prospers. I am designing a solution that will benefit all. I surrender to commitment.  


A desire to expand your creative knowledge through a higher learning or educational opportunity returns now. Past decisions that affected your life path now offers deep reflection. Overthinking and pessimistic behaviors could sabotage your ability to release a self-limiting belief for good. Focus on boosting your own self-esteem through higher learning. Focus on what you really love.

Affirmation: I give myself permission to try again. My path is open to new possibilities. I am worthy of recognition. I share my talents with the world. I surrender to my inner muse.


A financial problem or opportunity may return now. You have the ability to utilize a creative talent for monetary and spiritual gain. Utilize this gift wisely. Be sure that you are engaging with like-minded souls who have your best interest at heart. Avoid participating in illegal or risky business ventures. Hold off major decisions for now. Focus on building what you already have. Everything you need to succeed is right here.

Affirmation: I awaken the muse. I give myself permission to flourish. My reservoir is bountiful and abundant. I trust my intuition. I surrender to the power within.


Relationships bring delay and deep reflection. Be open to share your feelings and learning to forgive. Love relationships have the ability to soar to new heights after all is said and done. Insecurity can cause deep depression if you aren’t careful. Be honest about what you need from others and yourself. Release the need to judge. Focus on strengthening long-term relationships to build your future. Your power has to come from the soul now.

Affirmation: I am open to love. I give myself permission to forgive. I release the need to judge. I release the need to feel accepted. I stand in my truth. I surrender to eternal love. I bring more color into my life.


A work, home, or family project may bring tension or communication delays to your day-to-day life. Flexibility is your best friend. Be open to new possibilities that may be out of your comfort zone. Hold off on starting something entirely new. Focus on finishing up the everyday details of your grand plan. Pushing yourself ahead when it’s not your time to move will only slow you down in the long run. Think Big but play smart. Time is on your side.

Affirmation: I am open to rest. I give myself permission to choose joy. I give myself permission to play. I take responsibility for my actions and daily life. I surrender to emotional maturity and long-term commitment. I stand confidently on my own two feet.


A creative mental block may throw you off track. Intense feelings about your own worth and value may cause temporary depression. It’s important for you to stay connected to what you love. Returning to an old hobby or carefree past time will help take the pressure off. An ex or a current love relationship may inspire petty dramas. Avoid secrecy and jealousy. Be honest about what makes you happy and pursue it.

Affirmation: I am open to joy. I explore my inner child. I give myself permission to unwind. My relationships are built on friendship, love, respect, and self-discovery. I surrender to laughter. I surrender to being me.


Unexpected repairs to your home, technology, equipment and/or transportation may pop up now. Remember why you chose this path. You may need to cut your ties to something that is not working. Short-term goal should be practical and easily attainable. Be honest about your financial and home situation. Make the changes you need to end this toxic cycle.

Affirmation: I take responsibility for my security. I take responsibility for my future. I am practical about my needs. I give myself permission to choose myself. I trust in my ability to create. I surrender to my own needs.


Creativity and communication projects slow down. Deep reflection is necessary for you to move forward now. Engaging in creative work and the arts will keep you open and fluid. You may feel extremely sensitive and deeply emotional over the smallest of things. Embrace your subconscious triggers so that you can guide them. Use your emotions. Focus on learning how to lose control. Everything isn’t about you.

Affirmation: I walk freely into unknown territory. I give myself permission to get lost and be found. My creativity is abundant and transcending. I express my delight and pain. I rejoice. I surrender to the inner call. I am the willing vessel. I am ready to serve.


Personal finances and property may come under direct attack this month. Your emotional sensitivity to change upsets how you think and respond at work and important situations. Taking time to realign your values is critical to your emotional well being. Engage in creative endeavors that stimulate you financially and intuitively. You need to get practical about what you can handle. Being a martyr won’t fix this.

Affirmation: I take responsibility for my emotions. I give myself permission to take control. My ability to succeed is 100% my creation. I express my needs with confidence and clarity. I surrender to growth.


Issues that relate to your sense of self rain down for some serious attention. Negative self talk and self-sabotage keep you from embracing reality. Move through an old image of yourself. You are not that person anymore. Your emotional water and natural foresight are gifts. Use your ability to feel thoughts. Learn to guide your imagination. You can and will create something monumental if you choose to.

Affirmation: My emotions are my friends. I express how I feel. I am connected, seen, and supported. I release my fear of rejection. I share my creativity. I cultivate my natural abilities. I do not let my talents go unused. I surrender to my intuition.