Ever wondered what the planets mean or represent in your personal life?

Unlike the elements (earth, water, air, fire) which represent the substance of our experiences, the planets regulate energy flow and represent the dimensions (layers) of our human experience. 

There are 8 planets (9 including Pluto) in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. 

Each planet has its own meaning, symbolism, and experience. In Western Astorlogy, The Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and other celestial bodies are equally as imporant. 

Below is an brief explanation of each: 

The Sun:

The sun is the core element of your chart. It represents who we desire to become. The Sun symbolizes our innate conditioned behaviors and life characteristics. Understanding the traits of your sun sign will help you tap into your power and source of vitality.  Look to the Sun when seeking alignment, power, and direction. 

The Sun Rules: Leo 

The Moon: 

The moon is associated with the layers of our inner lives. It is a way of feeling and being on the inside. Your inner needs are highlighted under the moon’s essence. The moon is our intuition. It symbolizes the relationship of the Nurturring Mother. It stores wisdom and knowledge to the core of who we are and the tools within to succeed. Look to the moon when working with emotions, needs, and fear. 

The Moon Rules: Cancer

The Ascendant (Rising Sign)

The Ascendant represents our higher consciousness. It showcases how we want to be seen and received by others. The Ascendant naturally blends in and bows to the will of your Sun. However, the Ascendant plays an important role in day to day decisions, behaviors, and long term goals. Look to the Ascendant when working with the personality and social behaviors. 

The Ascendant Rules: The Outward Demeanor. 


Mercury represents the messenger in astrology. Mercury controls the energy of our thoughts and ideas. It also teaches us how to create our unique impact on the world. Mercury governs our day to day conversations and technology. Look to Mercury when seeking guidance in areas of communication, technology, and self-expression. 

Mercury Rules: Gemini and Virgo. 


Venus is the Goddess of Love and Dual Ruler of Libra and Taurus. She governs all things love, money, grace, sensuality, and charm. Venus represents how we give, how we take, and how we express our affection. Venus also shows us our needs, wounds, and relation patterns. For women Venus represents the female ego and qualities that must be expressed for her to feel feminine. It also identifies how she views and approaches love, sex, and intimacy. For men Venus represents beauty and what attracts him. It also identifies his ideals about sex, love, and relationships, although for men Mars is a better indicator for how he expresses sexually. Look to Venus when seeking guidance on your love language with others and money. 

Venus Rules: Libra and Taurus.  


Mars is the planet of physical energy. He is represents desire, will, and action. Mars represents how we assert ourselves in life and the course we choose to take. Mars symbolizes the masculine element of love and attraction. Mars also represents our outward expression of strife, conflict, and tension. Look to Mars in times of trial, sex, and physical expression.  

Mars Rules: Aries and Scorpio


Jupiter, King of the Gods, and Fearless leader of Sagittarius is your home of inner faith, luck, and confidence. Father Jupiter brings with him our connection to a higher plan and greater power beyond our mortal selves. He shows us our innate natural talents and in reward brings a power of well being and opportunity. These innate talents and ways of being give us immediate access to a reservoir of energy flow that is directly connected to our health and whole wellness. Jupiter brings life to the meaning of living a life of aligned purpose. This energy also displays the areas of our power that we take for granted, ignore, and overlook. Look to Jupiter when manifesting opportunity, luck, health, and good fortune. 

Jupiter Rules: Sagittarius and Pisces 


Saturn represents the disciplinarian in astrology. Saturn brings lessons restriction, limitation, and applied discipline. He encourages us to rise above limiting behaviors and beliefs. He symbolizes patience, perseverance, and commitment. Saturn’s placement also showcases the areas of pain that must be transcended. He reveals the tests that must be passed in order to move forward. Look to Saturn during lessons of patience, authority, discipline, and commitment. 

Saturn Rules: Capricorn and Aquarius 


Uranus represents the Gods of the Heavens and Sky in astrology. Uranus controls the rebellious and forward thinking mind. It symbolizes all things nontraditional. Due to its rebellious nature Uranus encourages our originality, free thought, and innovation. It rules our higher minds. Uranus is also known as the mad scientist planet. Look to Uranus for guidance during times of change. 

Uranus Rules: Aquarius 


Neptune, God of the Seas, and Ruler of Pisces governs all things fantasy, illusion, spirituality, and imagination. Due to its illusional capabilities Neptune represents confusion and pessimism. Neptune requires us to be realistic and develop motivation to climb higher into what we love about ourselves and our life purpose. Look to Neptune when working with dreams, imagination, and unlimited creativity. 

Neptune Rules: Pisces 


Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. Pluto represents how we will transform and impact others on a broader level.  Pluto controls natural events and mass awakenings. As the governor of beginnings and endings, Pluto can be most significant when exploring the generational changes and trends of events. Look to Pluto in times of deep transformation, channeling, and emotional transits. 

Pluto Rules: Scorpio


Chiron, the wounded healer, is one of the most powerful planets affecting us today. Chiron represents our wounds and their purpose in our life. Chiron symbolizes the completed circle and purpose of this lifetime. Look to Chiron when manifesting healing and transformation. 

Chiron Rules: Virgo and Sagittarius

North Node: 

In astrology there are two mathematical points which sit directly opposite one another called the Lunar Nodes. The North Node represents our higher path. The North Node symbolize the traits, behaviors, and values of our Highest Self. It directs the hidden talents, gifts, and experiences designed for our highest achievements and enlightenment. Look to the North Node when seeking guidance on your higher path, strengths, and life's purpose. 

North Node Rules: Life Purpose. 

South Node: 

In astrology there are two mathematical points which sit directly opposite one another called the Lunar Nodes. The South Node represents the negative traits, limited behaviors, and lessons carried from our past lives. The South Node symbolizes the part of our being that must be shed. It is the opposite of your North Node. Look to the South Node when working with past life lessons, weaknesses, and negative behaviors. 

South Node Rules: The Past Life. 

The Black Moon (Lillith): 

The Black Moon, our inner Lilith, represents the inner goddess within us all. The Black Moon signifies power, unconditional love, and gifts. She rules the Cosmic Being, the part of ourselves that is always integrated and whole. The gift of Lilith almost always awakens during the later years of life. Her power is free from ego and polarity. She encompasses all things. Look to Lillith when manifesting  power and untapped potential. 

The Black Moon (Lillith) Rules: The Cosmic Being