October 2018: Taurus Full Moon and Planetary Transits

Overview of Taurus Full Moon:

"flexibility comes through stretching"

-Stephen R. Covey (Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)


Happy Full Moon in Taurus Dear Ones and welcome to the abundance vortex. Full Moons bring illumination to the areas that our cup runneth over and the places that our cup runneth without. Like all light structures the moon brightens our inner worlds from the inside out. Mama Moon knows how to tap into our souls through the soles of our feet all while singing hallelujah on Sunday morning. Mother Moon is our water. She is the ruler of the four seas and all seasons. She is the protester that keeps the Sun and Mars in check when they go off on their masculine tangent. The Moon is our reasoning. Our cycles of ending and beginning, rise and fall. When the Moon is full in Taurus we are hungry, literally and figuratively as Venus ruled Taurus loves the finest foods and the deepest souls. The Full Moon in Taurus is gratifying as it awakens the parts of our soul who know better. Taurus awakens the parts of our souls that know we are equipped with both the offensive and defensive behavior mechanisms to achieve our highest dreams and ideals.

The October 2018 Taurus Full Moon energy does not stand alone as there are two major aspects that should be noted as well. The first aspect occurs with the Sun in Scorpio creating a harmonious Sextile with Saturn in Capricorn. In astrology when a sextile occurs it means that two planets are in favor of one another's sign and position. They may not see eye to eye on every detail, but they get along well enough to create some positive mojo when their around. With today's sextile occurring with the Sun newly in Scorpio we are feeling the Scorpion waves nice and slow as we start this slow climb through the higher degrees. This helps wane the impact of the aspect even though its presence is still clear. Saturn's influence in Capricorn shows up when its time to make the emotional and self-empowered based changes that are necessary for this next cycle of ascension and growth. Capricorn strengthens Scorpio's emotional water as it provides ground for Scorpio to rest its feet on. Capricorn provides the strength and grit to push through while Scorpio provides the emotional transformation and financial inspiration to get things moving. Depending on how flexible you are to embracing this energy is how the universe creates the experience of surrender. If you resist change then you'll receive resistance. If you embrace change then you will effortlessly transition through the times no matter how uncomfortable the transit may be. It is best to use this transit as an opportunity to get clear on any emotional, spiritual, financial, or familial baggage that may be dragging you along. Cut the ties. Dead the weight. Let bygones be bygones and be on your merry little way. 

The second aspect follows the theme of this week surrounding the South Node in Aquarius. This continuation of the Sun in Scorpio's Square with the South Node in Aquarius creates a more dynamic space for healing as we continue and complete this sector of growth. This differs from sign to sign but carries a general theme of isolation, limitation, political and social injustices, and harmful trends regarding the environment. As we exit this placement we are reminded again and again in very subtle ways how important our contribution is to transforming our environmental and conscious realms. The Sun in Scorpio symbolizes a resistance to this movement and may create reaction between parties surrounding global ideas, initiatives, and decision making. With the Sun being in Scorpio and Aquarius being the sign that symbolizes our global and collective community we can expect this theme to play out on a large scale. Again, Aquarius Rising, Sun, and Moon signs will feel this the most. However, Air signs Libra and Gemini, as well as Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will feel the subtle effects of this transit as well. During this period it is best to flush out negative feelings and encourage transparency on all levels of healing. More than ever it is important to engage in local hands-on community efforts to improve the awareness of our current state of being and ascension. If and when you feel despair, trust in joy. Remember that the sun is always shining somewhere.

Things You Should Note About the October 2018 Taurus Full Moon

  1. giving in does not make you weak. surrender is power. surrender is stepping into the reality that you are divinely protected and in this holy space worry does not exist. faith and worry are not best friends. they don't sit at the lunch table together. if you are faithful then worry is not present. if you are worried then faith is not present. step into faith. you are supported. take the leap.

  2. sometimes we have to take accountability when things go left even when it wasn't our own individual behavior. be strong when facing your own shadow today. accept that you hold the key to the throne. accept that your destiny has been written but relies on you to embody and nourish this truth. accept that its 100% up to you to determine what that truth is. accept that there is no wrong or right way. accept that escaping doesn't get you "there" faster. accept that playing victim doesn't make you stronger or them weaker. accept that you 100% made the decisions that make up your past. accept that you 100% control the decisions that make up your future. just learn to accept. acceptance is the only way. 

  3. efficiency does not always mean work. incorporate the balance of being and doing. find ways to create a more consistent day-to-day routine while still incorporating space for rest, play, and leisure. this can be as simple as incorporating two quick 30 minute rest periods or nap times throughout your day. Or you could try initiating a wind down routine before bed. No matter what you do make time to rest.

    Planetary Aspects From October 24 - November 7

    October 31, 2018 12:38 AM EST Mercury Enters Sagittarius

    October 31, 2018 12:40 PM EST Last Quarter Moon in Leo

    October 31, 2018 3:42 PM EST Venus Rx enters Libra

    November 7, 2018 11:02 AM New Moon in Scorpio