Weekly Horoscopes for February 4 - February 11



Aries, this is your time to connect and commune with those who you love and who love you. If you’re a part or the head of an organization, group, or community, expect to be more involved. A communication or technology project may take a positive turn for the tides mid-week, giving you the inspiration and space you need to take it to the next level. The weekend may pose some internal challenges and battles between home and career. Many of you will want to choose career, but this time, choose home, you’ll be so happy that you did.


Taurus, this week is all about your career. What do you see for your future? What can you professionally bring to the collective? If you’re thinking about starting or expanding a business or a trade-based career, this is the time to seek the expertise that you need. Networking is your best friend, so don’t sit away and hide, put yourself out there Taurus. Let the world know what you have to offer. Let the world know that you are ready to be taken serious. You will be surprised at how fast things will manifest when you ask for help. If an idea comes to you, don’t knock it. Write it down and let it germinate, it may come back to you a year or two from now.


Gemini, this week is all about expansion for you and boy are you ready to fly. If you’ve been having visions about starting a community project or movement, you may see those ideas and visions come back full circle. Actually, everything that you started two or three years ago was the groundwork for what you are about to do now. Be patient with yourself as you imagine and explore the possibilities for what is to come. This would be a wise time for you to seek council from an elder or mentor, or even better, the specific group of people that you are trying to attract. You will be surprised at the feedback you receive.


Cancer, this week will take you to your depths but embrace it. Starting on Monday when the New Moon plunges into your eighth house of shared resources and spiritual journey, you may experience a setback around group finances or debt. However, this is a major turning point for you Cancer. Instead of falling to your knees and cradling in a ball, you will get back up. By the end of the week (and month especially), you may feel like you don’t even recognize the person in the mirror, but this is a good thing. Allow whatever ideas or impulses to flow through you without interference. If you can, connect to a soul tribe that brings you comfort and understanding in a time of need. The answers to your future financial and emotional standing are there Cancer, you just have to dig a little.


Leo, relationships are on your radar and this time they may cross between work and play. If you’re a part of a team, this is a great time for you to put your heads together and take off in new and improved ways. You may naturally feel called to step into a more prominent leader position or role. If you’ve been stressed in the love department, Monday’s new moon provides you the inspiration (and maybe advice) that you need to get back in the game. But remember, it's not who you want them to be Leo, it’s who you are -- if you want someone to meet your standards, first you have to know what they really are. Aquarius is notorious for stepping outside the box, and as a Leo, you’ll go with it as long as it makes you feel good. Just remember that your expectations have a huge input on what you attract Leo. Be daring. Date someone you would usually consider a heck no, you never know.


Virgo, this week may bring attention to the ways in which you traditionalize work, service, and responsibility. Tired of the mundane? This week’s cosmic blast will inspire you to reimagine how you serve others and yourself. Initially, you may feel a little uncomfortable (especially in the beginning of the week) but by Sunday you will find peace in your ability to see situations from a different perspective. If you’re feeling stressed by work or shared responsibilities, speak up. This placement can be somewhat martyr like if you don’t realize that the collective responsibility is not all on you. You’ll feel relieved that you were courageousness enough to express your ideas about how things can progress moving forward. Besides, you know you’re the (real) responsible one of the Zodiac.


Libra, can you say love hummm bugg. This week is all about you and your deepest truths. With the New Moon highlighting your fifth house of love, pleasure, and children, the next week could provide you an opportunity to create a new relationship with the world around you, for you. If you’ve been putting everyone else before you, think again. Don’t push yourself to do anything you truly want to do (unless you're procrastinating). Do what you actually love doing, even if it does mean you have to change your attitude about your current work situation. Go take an art class, read your favorite book in the tub, eat a piece of gluten-free chocolate cake, do whatever makes your heart sing, but just keep it under control. Saturn, Venus, and Pluto’s private party in your fourth house make it a must to save and plan. Think luxurious stroll through the park at 9 am just because it's Wednesday.


Scorpio, can you say family of weirdos. This week’s cosmic energy blasts you into your inner sanctuary of doing what feels good and finding your natural flow. With the new moon, Sun, and Mercury orbing through your 4th house of family, inner security, and foundation, you may be thinking about establishing security in a very non-traditional way. This also brings lots of different people in and out of your inner world, giving the whole world a front-row seat into your deepest personal truths and lives. Encourage yourself to wind down this week. Take some time for you. Let go of social media for a day (or two) you’ll be okay.


Sagittarius, what does that clever mind of yours have to say and what did you learn this week. Monday’s new moon in Aquarius highlights your third house of self-expression and boy do you have something to say. But don’t be shocked if the world isn’t quite ready for your progressive way of singing, dancing, or doing whatever it is that you do. This is new territory for you, and it may take a while for people to understand what it is that you’re even trying to do, but stick with it if you feel in your heart that it’s right for you, you never know what door this will open later in life.


Capricorn, money is on your mind all week and for some of you this can be downright frustrating. But for those enduring Capricorns who are ready to walk on the edge, this week could be life changing in terms of how you make and spend your money. But don’t worry, with Venus floating through your first house of self and identity until March 1st, you won’t be doing it alone, especially if you’re already part of a pair. Couples will find themselves solidifying the foundation of their relationship, while singles may finally be ready to step out for air. Use the weekend to have those tricky conversations with yourself or someone you love, but whatever you do, don’t shut down, you may just miss out on all the fun.


Aquarius, this week is all about how you communicate and process information. With Mercury in your first house of self and identity, how you identify and show up to the world is on your radar. This weeks aspects bring you into a deeper understanding of who you are and where you’ve been, and how all of that shapes you. With the new moon shining down on you for your personal new year, remember that everything you want is possible, but it takes time, and that’s the fun part. Create a different relationship to how you process and engage with time. Try something simple like not wearing a watch on your off day, or wandering around town with no plans or concerns at all.


Pisces, this week could be a little overwhelming for you, especially at the beginning of the week when the new moon casts its shadow on your twelfth house of healing and ending. Spend some time nurturing those juicy thoughts of the past. How do you hold back your dynamic self-expression or creativity? Let all that is bothering you out, but do it in your own unique way. Do not let the world tell you how to heal or transform. This is the time to be your fishy little self and just keep on swimming, no matter how the current ebbs or flows. Create your own flow.