Weekly Horoscopes April 8 - 14th

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The week starts with a waxing crescent Taurus Moon. On Monday, Family members and business associates may discuss finances or responsibilities at a deeper level. Decisions about long-term personal plans may affect family dynamics. Involvement with community or group organizations intensify. Thoughts tend to focus on  leadership and social change. By Tuesday, verbal disagreements stirred up by last week’s Aries new Moon comes to head. A square between the Aries Sun and Saturn in Capricorn create an ego battle between those who make the rules and those who follow them. A Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces opens the door for soulful conservations that inspire creativity and release. If there has been tension in your relationship, a spiritual practice or ritual could bring you closer together now.

On Wednesday, Jupiter will station Retrograde at °24’20 Sagittarius until August 11, 2019. Jupiter’s four month retrograde cycle opens the door for past opportunities to come back in our favor. If you’ve worked hard on a project or hobby in the past and have set it to the side, this may be the time to dust it off and give it another go. Focus on mastering your craft. A Mercury in Pisces Sextile and Trine to Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer on Wednesday make it a great time to have a conversation about the future with a family member or close friend. Pluto’s Sextile brings aid in the soul transformation on an earthly level that is necessary for real change to occur. This aspect shows up in how you respond to emotions verbally, mentally, and physically. The North Node’s Trine highlights the opportunity to express one’s gifts and opinions about personal goals.

On Thursday, the Aries Sun will square off with the North Node in Cancer. This aspect challenges our personal goals. Family problems and emotions may cause attitudes and egos to flare over difference of opinion and belief. Personal motives and increased tension make people quick to react. If you aren’t careful your words or sensitivity to others may leave you in a brutal crossfire with someone you love or barely know. For those who handle themselves with grace will experience a new level of security and innerstanding that peace comes from emotional maturity.

Friday’s First Quarter Moon at 22’35° Cancer occurs at 3:06pm. Decisions surrounding career/life goals and family matters finally start to break ground. Projects or changes that may have been delayed may finally start to move forward. However, emotional challenges counteract the peaceful transition of this moment, and compromises need to be made. With Mercury and Jupiter Rx forming a square, communications can be harsh. The unstable emotional environment of this energy is intensified by the Moon and North Node forming a conjunction in Cancer. Fresh ideas about a project adds a new layer of anxiety and excitement to an already tense situation. The lesson of this is not moving too fast, not forcing steps, releasing attachment to the outcome. Pursuing something with maturity and assurance eliminates unnecessary slowdowns that come from emotional immaturity.

The weekend brings shaky ground as Saturday challenges our willingness to surrender to change. Just when you feel like you’ve got something under control, a Pluto reality check puts you back in your place. Personal vendettas and dummy missions won’t hold up under this energy. It’s best to avoid get rich quick schemes and gossip campaigns to launch your new brand. The key to this energy is self-mastery, be a lifetime student of your work. Jealousy and self-doubt could rob you of your joy today if you aren’t respectful of the process. Forcing things along may feel tempting, but you’ll be grateful that you took your time in the long run. If you do feel overworked or undervalued, social activities bring a feeling of emotional sincerity. This is the perfect energy to snuggle up and get closer to those you love.

Sunday’s vibe is a little more peaceful and is gratifying at the end of a long emotional week. If you’ve said some harsh words to someone or visa versa over the past few days, that energy will naturally clear up now. Relationships that are ready and willing to take the next step will begin a new journey towards long-term commitment and responsibility. Creative projects get a green light. This energy favors collaborations and personal initiatives that benefit the community at large. Relationships and money ventures that involve healing will benefit from the emotional energy of Pisces and Cancer. Being close to people who share your sense of passion and energy is rewarding.


Watch your attitude this week, Aries. Without even knowing it you could be walking around with a chip on your shoulder. Just because you hold the vision doesn’t mean that others see it too. And even if they do, it doesn’t mean that they have to oblige to your every word. Family matters take center focus for you this week. However, community and public demands increase at the same rate. Balance is needed for you to be in two places at once. The Venus and Neptune conjunction on Tuesday in your 12th house of healing helps to set firm boundaries about your past. Make sure you really clean out your closets, literally and figuratively. Get rid of any old relationships or attachments that keep you wounded.


Personal endings could take you by surprise, Taurus. Group projects and goals have occupied much of your time as of late. Your relationship with these individuals may be up for question or reconstruction. New ideas and systems are required if you want to reach your ideal destination. Tuesday’s Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces in your 11th house of groups makes it a great day to start a new group beginning. Old relationships may have outgrown their dated roles and this is somewhat uncomfortable as you adjust to the role change. With Jupiter stationing retrograde in your 8th house of joint finances and shared resources, financial endeavors involving multiple parties need some ironing out. Focus on mastering what your good at and leave the rest to the pros.


Don’t say yes to something you know you should say no to, Gemini. With so much emphasis on your 10th house of Pisces, you could be dealing with an abundance of external pressure from community and work related sources. This increased tension is directly affecting your personal finances. You may be putting out more money on a business venture or a community project that deals with your sense of creativity and public reputation. Although you are ready to move into this next level of expansion, and it poses a serious boost to your social status, hold off on making any big purchases or long-term commitments as things are liable to change. Friday’s First Quarter Moon in your 2nd house of Cancer promises some movement and progress in terms of your personal assets. However, avoid excessive emotional eating and spending.


Your family is directly opposing your personal ambitions and goals and this could be frustrating, Cancer. Especially when your personal goals and objectives are always front and center for the world to see. However, it’s time that you lay down some firm boundaries between your public persona and your private life. Just because everybody wants to know doesn’t mean everybody needs to know. Authority figures and power plays may put a temporary delay in your plans but don’t stress it. Whatever trips you up in the beginning of the week will be your strength by the end. If something falls in your path, trust it. You are releasing old programs around familial responsibilities and it’s time you create new ones of your own.


As you continue to take time for yourself and study your craft and finalize your next set of goals, synchronized disruptions help you to go a new way. This energy reminds me of the faithful student who dislikes the teacher who comes in last minute before the test and teaches new information. The student feels betrayed. Unlike their other peers they’ve studied long and hard, they’ve memorized every word of the study guide. But to the students surprise the new information provides clarity to a question the student had in its mind, helping the material to come together full circle. You are the student Leo, and this week, especially this weekend, something catches you off guard and you may feel put off your game. Lean into this disruption. This is the breakthrough you’ve been praying for.


Joint finances and shared resources are still being ironed out. And as much as you want to say every man for itself, that’s not in your nature. You may find yourself dishing out more than you intended to this week Virgo, especially while we are still in the two-week energy zone of the Aries New Moon. It’s important to understand that helping someone out is different than carrying someone. Just because you help them doesn’t mean that you have to carry their burden. If you feel heavier than necessary this week, pause to evaluate whose baggage you are actually carrying. With several aspects regarding Pluto and Saturn in your 5th house of Capricorn, your internal desire to have more fun and creative freedom is exaggerated. To avoid depression from increased familial and professional responsibilities, take small breaks that encourage fun and spontaneity.


With so much emphasis this week on your 7th house of relationships in Aries and your 4th house of Home and security in Capricorn, your relationships with family and self are tested. Your desire to create and respond emotionally in your career may be silenced in some way, or you may be struggling with internal insecurities that suggest you are backing down from speaking your truth, but enough is enough. You’ve finally reached a turning point. Pluto and Saturn encourage you to lay down firm boundaries that will help create a more productive and enjoyable routine for you, Libra. Say yes to your dreams and say no to anybody or anything who questions that.


Learn to trust your gut when it comes to making daily business decisions, Scorpio. This week your days could be more hectic and fast paced than usual. For a water sign like yourself this can be exhausting and spiritually taxing if you push yourself too hard for too long. It’s important that you find your balance between work and play. If you don’t want to burn yourself out this week, think work smarter not harder. Avoid taking on excessive responsibility to make others feel more secure. Focusing on completing one thing with precision is more effective than doing 263737373 things poorly. It may be frustrating at first to slow down, but by Friday your ability to come up with unique solutions will accelerate. Family and close friends are a source of inspiration for you this weekend. Reach out to your soul tribe and let them inspire you.


Personal finances are deep in your thoughts this week as you sift through the many life lessons Pluto and Capricorn have brought you this week. With Jupiter stationing retrograde in your 1st house of Sagittarius on Wednesday, you may walk into a much needed identity check. If you’ve been focusing on the external world to validate your needs, Jupiter’s slow down gets you connected to your past and helps to reboot old projects and opportunities that you may have missed out on. This week helps you gain a better understanding of what good karma looks and feels like, especially when it comes after a hard to accept lesson. If there’s any disappointment or unspoken hurt feelings in an unresolved familial dispute, use the healing of the weekend to address it. Speak with firmness and kindness. Let them know that their actions hurt you.


The beginning of the week is challenging for your ego, Capricorn. You’ve taken some pretty big hits to your sense of identity lately, and with Pluto and Saturn in your 1st house of self all year, you are learning the first hand power of ego death. Wednesday marks a four month long journey through your past decisions when Jupiter stations retrograde in your 12th house of Sagittarius. Actions that may have been taken in haste or excitement can be evaluated and reworked for greater efficiency and long-term stability. Right now direction is more important than speed. Friday’s First Quarter Moon in Cancer highlights your 7th house of relationships. Be open to expressing your emotions, or listening to others express theirs.


Letting go of old programs and systems can be difficult, but it’s important for you to let go of old rules that no longer serve your growing personality. Past decisions that may have affected your reputation come back up for discussion. If you have the opportunity to do something over, do it right this time. Pluto and Saturn are coming to you this week to help you decipher through the lessons that you’ve learned over the past few years. It doesn’t make any sense to hold on if it no longer serves you, so clean house. With Jupiter stationing retrograde in your 11th house of Sagittarius on Wednesday, the next four months provide you with the opportunity to work in a specialized group. You may be retraining your team, or going back to school, regardless, use this opportunity to learn something new. You’ll need this skill later.


So much about how you communicate is expressed through your body, Pisces. This week you could be learning new skills that you didn’t know you had but come quite natural to you. This energy comes after you’ve cleared a physical blockage or healed a physical wound. You may have been limiting yourself and your range of motion by telling your mind that you are not flexible, you may have been denying your body water and drinking other beverages instead. You are gaining access to parts of your personality and skill set that you’ve never had access to before. Saturday and Sunday may be somewhat challenging for you as heightened sensitivity affects you more than it does any other sign. Finding ways to integrate in a crowd without taking on toxic energy is your lesson for the week.