Weekly Horoscopes April 1 - April 7, 2019

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The week of April 1st starts a new chapter in 2019. Monday is the first day of April, the 4th month of the year. April is a universal seven month. In numerology, a seven month represents self-awareness, study, isolation, psychic ability, spirituality, and learning. To learn more about April 2019 click here.

On Monday, April 1st the Pisces Moon squares off with Mars in Gemini and Uranus in Taurus. This emotional disturbance comes during the dark moon, the last phase in a lunar cycle. Many of us may find ourselves dealing with a lack of resources or bandwidth to complete an objective or goal. Be open and honest about it.

On Tuesday, April 2nd relationships grow deeper (or farther apart) when the Pisces Moon reflects Venus in Pisces in a favorable parallel. Inner desires and relationships are one. Efforts to communicate or resolve a problem are enhanced. There is space to connect to a deeper issue and work through it. A 2nd Mercury and Neptune conjunction in Pisces could stir up health issues within the body. Health and fitness plans should be implemented now.

On Wednesday, April 3rd communications are lively. The Void Pisces Moon squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. A feeling of restlessness, impracticality, and self-doubt could suddenly arise and deep theatrical emotions can surface. Be mindful of others extreme sensitivity at this time. Mars in Gemini also forms a Sextile to Chiron in Aries today, it will last until tomorrow. New ideas and research help to develop a sense of pride and confidence during this transit. Open your heart and mind.

The April New Moon will occur early Friday morning, April 5th 4:51am at 15”17 degrees Aries.

The April New Moon starts a new lunar cycle. It represents new personal beginnings with self, others, and life. The Aries Moon forms three squares that bring a new level of frustration and tension around projects that we are trying to love forward:

  1. The Aries Moon squares the North Node in Cancer. This aspect brings tension to our interactions at home. May desire to work from home or have more free time to  spend with kids, mate, or yourself.

  2. The Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect brings painful transformations to how you handle responsibility and authority in your world. There is a direct shift of power between you and someone else that stirs up tension. Uncomfortable internal personal changes must be made now.  

  3. The Aries Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect brings deep learning lessons about self-discipline and authority. There is a lesson of patience that must be learned. Expect a delay, a setback, or a flat out no about something. You are being urged to take personal responsibility for yourself.

    The Aries moon will also form a Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. This final aspect brings a sense of right timing and luck to a dire situation. This aspect should be experienced as a cushion, or your angels watching over you. Remember to be grateful for the sudden opportunities that spring into your arms. Take advantage of the hidden blessing in disguise today.

The weekend sings a happy song after Friday’s heavy New Moon in Aries. On Saturday, March 6th Mars and Uranus will conjunct in Taurus. Personal behaviors will reflect mature decision making and consistent effort to move things in a more positive direction. Personal finances may need some fresh ideas, and many will be thinking about money, how to make more money, or how to invest money. No matter how good your idea is, it’s best to let it ride for now. A Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn Sextile encourages long-term commitment to a creative goal or venture. Anything that is started now is sure to last. Patience is a virtue.

On Sunday, March 7th relationships get seriou when the Moon in Taurus forms a Sextile with Venus in Pisces. This aspect encourages vulnerability, open communication, and self-confidence. Our internal desire for stability and long-term relationships overcome any fear we have of commitment. Rocky relationships either end or find solid ground. Healthy relationships grow closer.


Aries, new beginnings are in store for you. With the Aries New Moon on Friday, you may be contemplating your next big project or move. Think bigger picture. Where is somewhere you’ve never gone before? What would pull you out your comfort zone? Don’t be ashamed to be more daring and open about your new sense of curiosity. This week is your time to lay out the map for the next twelve months of your life. When the New Moon occurs in your sign it is like your personal new year. Give yourself permission to dream in new colors with a new lens. Life is yours to shape, Aries, so shape it.


Taurus, now with Mars out of your 1st house of self and in your 2nd house of Gemini, you can start to put some of those ideas into action. Be mindful of what you spend and how you spend. Gemini has a unique way to manipulate you into thinking you need something when you don’t. An offer may come through an organizational or community leader Tuesday, keep your options open. In order to get where you are going Taurus, changes in your group structure must occur. You are operating at tank half-empty, and it’s time for everyone to pull their own weight.


Gemini, after six weeks of Mars exploring the endings of your 12th house in Taurus, you may feel a sense of relief now that Mars is moving through your 1st house of Gemini. New opportunities to showcase your gifts and unique way of doing things will increase now. On Monday and Tuesday you may find yourself more verbally combative than usual. A sense of scatteredness or restlessness in a career situation could finally be getting to you. Things are not happening the way you had hoped, and you are looking for an alternative but stick it out. The Aries New Moon on Friday will eventually bring you new channels to get your voice heard.


Cancer, after weeks of feeling blocked and undergoing deep transformation in your relationships, you can finally feel the freedom of your own personal identity. Pluto’s now three week long opposition with Cancer in the North Node has affected your relationships greatly. Home life could be shifting and this could sometimes feel chaotic. But in the thick of things you’ve found peace. The beautiful aspect of Pluto is that when it destroys it rebuilds, and from its ashes comes something resilient, evolved, and wise beyond its years. You have lived through something, Cancer. This week is heart opening for you. The final peace of your pain is dissolving.


Leo, with new ideas come new territory, get ready to explore it. After months of deep emotional work you can finally come up for some air. With Mercury now in its shadow zone you are ready to release what no longer serves you and go on your way. The Aries New Moon on Friday will cast its shadow over the self-limiting beliefs you carry. Use this an opportunity to address your fears and reshape them. Affirm your fears and speak them as positive truths, personal power that you now claim as your own.


Virgo, on Monday, a work situation may bring tension to a personal relationship. Differences of opinion are increased now, and you aren’t always one to bite your tongue. But differences aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes disputes clear blockages and encourage open communication.

On Friday, the Aries New Moon illuminates your 8th house of soul transformation and shared resources. If a relationship is primarily codependent, issues around financial independence may surface. Practice interdependency with your partner. Allow all parties to claim responsibility for themselves.


Libra, if you’re finding it hard to express yourself to someone or something, try closing your eyes and just speaking or writing from your heart. With Mars in Gemini highlighting your 9th house of mental exploration, your thoughts are global. You are filled with so many ideas it may be hard to focus right now. Friday’s Aries New Moon challenges your relationship to home, work, and long-term stability. Be mindful of what you commit to. You don’t need to take on anything else. Finish what you’ve started Libra.


Scorpio, this week animates your ability to make things happen for yourself. With Venus and Mercury together in your 5th house of Pisces, you are more eager to reconnect to an old hobby, or passion that you love. Friday’s new Moon in Aries brings attention to your personal health and day-to-day affairs. Personal responsibilities will slowly increase this week. Only commit to what you need. If you own your own business this could be a busy month for you. Finances will increase with self-motivation. Believe that you can and you will.


Sagittarius, new love relationships could turn serious this week with Friday’s new Moon in Aries illuminating your 5th house of romance and pleasure. Venus in Pisces in your 4th house also brings a sense of nesting, long-term commitment, and twin flame/soul mate bonds. Building a secure home environment to unwind and get creative concerns you, especially on Tuesday. Focus on establishing partnerships that will help build your future. Personal finances may bring frustration or slow you down this weekend but do the best you can with what you have.


Capricorn, on Monday you may have trouble saying what you feel to someone you respect, but if you want the relationship to flourish you have to tell the truth. Mercury and Venus in your 3rd house of Pisces brings old and new feelings to the surface. Whatever internal battle you need to address once and for all comes to you this week. Friday’s new Moon in Aries encourages you to take responsibility for your home and emotional affairs. Changes to your personal identity are normal Capricorn. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


Aquarius, money could be tight for you, or you could be establishing a deeper reality of self-worth. With Mars in Gemini highlighting your 5th house of love, pleasure, and romance, you could be going back and forth about a love interest to the point of obsession. Creative endeavors offer unique opportunities. If you are a performer or artist in any way, someone important is admiring your skills. Friday’s new Moon in Aries boosts your 3rd house of self-expression. You could be thinking about launching a new media or communications project. Reach for the stars, Aquarius. Don’t hold back.


Pisces, everything about you is changing, and it’s up to you to feel the joy in it. Monday and Tuesday could bring issues regarding your personal identity and familial expectations. If you’ve been living inside a bubble to please others, the bubble is bursting. You are ready to stretch your fins and swim new territory, Pisces. No more swimming in two opposite directions. Mercury and Neptune’s conjunction on Tuesday help to make things clear. A buried dream may find its wings and fly back to you by Sunday. Be open to new possibilities. Everything doesn’t always have to be your way.