What to Expect and Affirmation Horoscopes for the January 2019 Solar Eclipse Capricorn New Moon (January 2019)

January’s new Moon marks the beginning of Eclipse season as the Capricorn new Moon doubles as a partial solar eclipse and new lunar cycle. Solar eclipses are powerful moments where the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned creating a blocked view of the Sun. January 5th’s new Moon is a partial solar eclipse meaning that the sun will be partially obscured, making this a subtle visible phenomena to beings around the world.

With the solar eclipse new moon occurring in the final Earth sign of Capricorn, this lunar event will mark a new beginning for our long term goals and ventures. Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and it represents our inner abilities to interact and connect with the public through our work, social status, material resources/assets, and strong family foundations. Capricorn is a naturally mature sign, especially with its native planetary ruler being serious Saturn. This energy will directly effect our professional life, desires to move ahead, long term goals and investments, and home/domestic affairs.

The energy of the solar eclipse is not instant. The weeks and months following a solar eclipse and new Moon build up to the grand changes and new opportunities that are manifesting as we speak. Many of us may be focusing on re-working old goals and old projects, Home repairs, relocating, long term investments and financial ventures, community building, and repairing familial relationships and responsibilities.


With today’s planetary aspects focusing on Venus, relationships will be a major focal point in the next six months. Create new ways to negotiate, communicate, and cooperate. We all have desires, needs, and expectations. The magic of humanity is learning how to merge our differences to create a more dynamic whole.

Venus in Scorpio’s inconjuction with Uranus Rx in Aries creates healing moments for us to walk through. New moons are dark periods. Many of us are concerned and focused on what we wish to see and not what is now. January 5th’s new moon is no different. With Venus contesting Uranus, relationships may suffer from a difference of opinion and intentions. Arguments as simple as where you want to eat for dinner could throw us for a loop if we aren’t grounded and aware. Familial or professional obligations may keep you from what you personally want to do but find patience here. Capricorn is not a heartless sign. Capricorn does believe in achieving results before play and you should incorporate this mentality into your daily thinking. If you feel pulled in too many directions take a second to pause and ask yourself what are you seeking in this [singular] moment? Sometimes we get so frazzled in our daily lives that we forget what we were even trying to achieve in the first place.

Lastly, Venus will form a Trine with Chiron in Pisces emphasizing a supportive energy to heal our old ways. It’s okay to change and to shed. Sometimes we forget that we change too. We forget that even we have to reintroduce ourselves to our self. Don’t be afraid to rip off the familiar and move deeper into the unknown. Darkness is only frightening if you don’t carry the light, and we are all light, we are all light.

Aries Sun, Aries Moon, Aries Rising: 


I acknowledge the work that is left to be done, but I also acknowledge all that I have accomplished and overcome in all my days. I create new ways to enjoy my work. I find my peace in what feels good for me. My relationships at work are aligned and pleasant. I am able to work through situations that used to be stressful. I’m okay with taking responsibility for my own actions. I will honor my own needs and desires. I will follow my inner voice that tells me it’s okay to be consistent. It’s okay to step up and stand out. I take my work seriously no matter what others say. With time and patience I will reach my dream destination. But until then, I create my dream everyday with a smile on my face because I know everything that I think I need I already have. 


Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, Taurus Rising: 

I accept that my dreams take time. However, I allow myself to dream. I give myself permission to envision the future and believe that it is possible. I release fear of not being enough, not having enough, not doing enough. I am equipped with all that I need to succeed. I will build a foundation and career that will withstand any obstacle or temptation. I take action about my dreams. I do my  research, I prepare myself for the future. If I am dreaming of continued education, craft or experience I seek it. I call it into my reality. I imagine and visualize myself being where I desire to be. And every day I take the necessary actions to make it my truth. I am my dreams. My dreams are worthy and real.

Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising: 


I accept my financial situation. I am honest about where I am, what I make, what I have, what I seek to gain, and what I still owe. My debts are finalized and cleared. I take responsibility for my history. My past does not define me yet it sets me free. I create peace in my past. I create peace in my family. I create peace in my finances. I lay the foundations for a more stabile and secure future. Everything I wish to create is possible, but it starts with me. I take responsibility for my choices. Every choice I make is made with pure intention and long term benefit. I make the most out of today to secure a stronger tomorrow.

Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Cancer Rising: 


I acknowledge that my relationships influence my growth. Who I surround myself with matters and I choose my surroundings wisely. I build on the relationships that water my soul. And I give myself permission to release those that do not. I give attention to the family matters that show up for me during this time; healing old ways of thinking and connecting with others. I focus on building long lasting connections with those who elevate me. My family life is balanced. I honor my past and its connection to my future. I have the personal power to change my situation. Everything I do is valued and recognized. The only validation I need is within. I give this power to myself. I give myself permission to flourish today.

Leo Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising: 


I acknowledge that my work is sacred. I give myself permission to value what I love. I am worthy of great things. Work can intertwine and balance with family. The gifts that I bring are valuable and worthy of achievement. I am consistent and responsible in my duty. My creativity can carry me. I deserve a seat at the table. My work is relevant. I honor my desire to help others through long lasting success. I organize my financial affairs and professional obligations. My social life is balanced and thriving. I show up for self and others with grace, dignity, responsibility, and joy.

Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising: 


I allow more spontaneity and leisure into my days. I accept and embrace the art of relaxing, taking things slow and allowing flow to creep in. With patience, flexibility, and consistency, I am the designer of my own life. All that I say, wish, hope, and dream is possible. I believe that work can be fun. I believe that my passions are worth pursuing. I water the ideas and dreams that call for my attention in this moment. I create more space for the all that I love. I release shame around my success. I can have nice things and still be practical. I give myself permission to give my work and talent the praise it deserves. I boldly go where I told myself I could not.


Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Libra Rising:

I acknowledge that my inner foundation is important. I am supported. I accept that I am not a martyr. I recognize that I am not a saint. I am a being who takes actions and honors rest. I go at my own pace. I water my own garden. I replenish my own sacred fruit. My soil is fertile. I create and uphold sacred boundaries for my self. I am shameless. I use this period to build my legacy and secure my future. My long term future is set up for success. I release my worry and fear for tomorrow today. I construct a reality of peace and harmony. My home environment soothes me. I honor  home. 

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising: 


I express myself with maturity, patience, and resilience. My communications and media projects are improving. My ability to express my truth to the world is important. I accept the ups and downs of my emotional state. I empower myself to consistently step out of my comfort zone. I intentionally place myself in foreign environments. My relationship to the community is important. I walk in leadership. My daily habits and behaviors support my life mission. I stand in my purpose despite all the odds. I am the creator of my own message and destiny.


Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Sagittarius

My money is my responsibility. I acknowledge my desire to evolve and gain more experience. I acknowledge my desire to see the world, learn, and grow. I heal my relationship to financial management by acknowledging that there are better solutions. I make a commitment to intentionally spend and budget my finances. I invest in ventures that support and align my long term future. I value self-security. I value my ability to be independent. I am self-sufficient. I am emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically free. I value my personal energy, attention, and time. I am all that I wish to be.


Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Capricorn Rising: 

I acknowledge that with every new beginning comes a new world of change. I open to the empty I feel. I receive the abundance that is pouring through me. I allow change to work its magic in my life. I accept responsibility for my path and I commit to exploring its dynamic purpose. I am worthy of value and recognition and I demonstrate this in how I love and nourish myself. I give myself permission to water my own garden. I give myself permission to be more liberal and consistent in my own needs. I shed any identities that no longer resonate with my spirit. I give myself permission to evolve. I am new.  


Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aquarius Rising: 

I acknowledge the desire to establish more security and financial stability in my life. I value creativity and artistic expression and I follow this. I honor my need to express work in ways that is non-stressful. I affirm that I can manifest new work opportunities and promotion. My talents and abilities are worthy of notoriety and praise. I take responsibility for my shadow and my light. I am deserving of unconditional love and commitment. My health is important. I take responsibility for my wellness and emotional well being. I am healed.

 Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon, Pisces Rising:


I release my fear of recognition. I stand in the fullness of my talent and capabilities. I share my work with the world through aligned professional opportunities. My ability to connect with a large audience or group of likeminded individuals is my strength. I practice patience and self-discipline in my long term goals and financial security. I explore new ways to create with technology, art, and the material world. I use this period to network and establish deeper work relationships and connections. I can pursue my passions and love my family. My dreams are true.